Etsy Finds: Circus Themes for Kids Rooms

Etsy Finds: Circus Themes for Kids Rooms

Roll up, roll up, it’s circus time! Growing up in the UK, I used to love going to the pantomime at Christmas; it was such a treat. There’s no equivalent in France, I don’t think, so for my own children now is the time that the circus comes to town. I guess you either love or hate this world, but my three kids are always captivated.

Creepy clowns and bearded ladies aside, the circus is a great source of inspiration for decorating a child’s room, if you’re so inclined. I think we can all probably recall seeing at least one amazing circus-themed room makeover, so I thought it would be fun to see what I could find on Etsy, too.

Of course, not everyone is into red and white stripy big tops and vintage carnival games, so I tried to find something a little different, more modern, products that will hopefully make you smile whilst giving a gentle nod to what some might describe as the Greatest Show on Earth.

Curious Lion Pillow via Etsy

Curious Lion Pillow
available for $25 from blita

The house lion tamer seems to have done an excellent job with this friendly-looking feline. He’s curious, cute and colorful, waiting patiently for cuddles or to be proudly placed on display in your little one’s room. A cheerful, fun accessory that kids will love for sure.

Vintage Circus Seal Pillow via Etsy

Vintage Circus Seal Pillow
available for $15 from art deco dame

No circus or circus-themed room would be complete without a skillful, ball-balancing seal. This charming vintage softie-pillow looks tailor-made for a retro circus-inspired play space or bedroom and would definitely make an interesting feature or shop prop.

Vintage Bell Ringer Clown Pull Toy via Etsy

Vintage Bell Ringer Clown Pull Toy
available for $76 from oh, albatross

I’m not a great lover of clowns, but this Czech wooden pull toy is adorable. His paint is chipped but bright and he still swings from side to side and rings his bell when trundling along. For display rather than play, this little chap would look lovely on a shelf or bookcase.

Vintage Marquee Light via Etsy

Vintage Marquee Light
available for $199 from vintage marquee lights

Granted, this is not the cheapest bedroom accessory but you certainly get plenty of wow factor for your money. This original, vintage C for Circus marquee light is just perfect, and I’m sure many a child (and a few parents) would love to see it shining on their bedroom wall at night.

Foxy Pouf via Etsy

Foxy Pouf
available for $33 from minimetry

Polish Etsy seller Minimetry offers a selection of very cute children’s poufs in eye-catching, modern fabrics. Although not specifically circus-themed, the bright colors and pompom trimming make the cushion look fun, like a jester’s hat, and I think that it would go well in a child’s circus-themed decor. I love the little handle on the side of the pouf for easy transportation.

Painted Lady Circus Performer Art Doll via Etsy

Painted Lady Circus Performer Art Doll
available for $55 from blue raspberry designs

I am smitten with Valentina Felce’s art dolls and this circus performer is no exception. Perhaps more suitable for an older child / teenager (or adult doll collector), she stands approximately 15 in. tall and is adorned in beautiful handpainted flowers and tattoos. Blue Raspberry Designs sell a striking selection of handmade soft characters, all of which would add a special touch to a circus-themed space.