Seriously Cool Paper Goods

Map & Planner Books by Present&Correct

If you find yourself constantly jotting down directions for friends, this map & planner book set is just for you. The map paper provides a grid for drawing maps as well as space for meeting times, written directions, and notes. Available for $12 at Present&Correct.

LCD Rubber Stamp by Present&Correct

This ingenious little set of stamps delivers lo-fi fun with print dot matrix or LCD grids that you can fill in to make letters, numbers, patterns, and icons. Available for $8 at Present&Correct.

Checklist Stamp by MUJI

Here’s the perfect little tool for all you list makers out there– a stamp that instantly creates a checklist anywhere and any time you like. Available for $3.75 at MUJI.

Molotow Transformer Jumbo Marker

Although technically this wouldn’t be classified as paper goods, I’m totally in love with this jumbo marker (available for $5.99 at Molotow). Simply fill it up with your favorite ink and lay down some seriously heavy line weights.

Papoose Letterpress Stationery for Kids

On a final note, In Haus Press has a lovely line of letterpress stationery for kids available in their Etsy shop.