Etsy Gift Guide: A Toy Collector’s Christmas

Etsy Gift Guide: A Toy Collector's Christmas

Who said Christmas was just for little ones? I like to think that I’m still a big kid at heart, and I have a soft spot for vintage toys. If you’re a collector like me, you’ll always have your eyes peeled for that one special find, “the” perfect addition to your vintage collection.

Call me whimsical, call me nostalgic, but most of the time I’d say they just don’t make toys like they used to. Obviously, international toy safety requirements have evolved, meaning that many objects from yesteryear are no longer “fit” for little fingers, but they can be used for display, and will always add a unique, playful touch to a nursery, child’s room or an office/work space, if you’re a child at heart like me.

For today’s selection, I’ve picked six colorful classics to perk up your home, provide some creative inspiration, and perhaps remind you of the good ole’ days. Enjoy!

Etsy Vintage Toy Find: Czech Magnetic Puzzle

Czech Magnetic Puzzle
Available for $35 from MidModern Goods

I’m pretty sure that this much-sought after Czech magnet puzzle can still provide hours of fun. Made by the state toy factory ToFa in former Czechoslovakia, these colorful shapes will inspire the whole family to make funny faces and invent funny stories every day if you leave them within everyone’s reach. A vintage must-have collector’s item, in my opinion.

Etsy Vintage Toy Find: Playskool Pull Toy

Playskool Pull Toy
Available for $33 from Olive & Frances

Wooden pull toys have been amusing children for generations, and this 1950’s Dolly Pull by Playskool is no exception. Despite over fifty years’ of service, the toy appears to be in good clean condition, although, I personally think these little fellows would look striking on a shelf in a nursery or a little one’s room. Colorful and quirky, this simple find has oodles of vintage charm.

Etsy Vintage Toy Find: Vintage Bell Set

Vintage Bell Set
Available for $55 from Elisabeth Rosen Art

Another original collector’s item for little and big kids alike. Everyone loves musical instruments, but when they date back to the 50’s and are as colorful and as pleasing to the eye as these, you really can’t go wrong. Aside from their musical appeal, this complete octave of eight bells made by Knickerbocker, USA, would make a lovely vintage feature in a play space in your home.

Etsy Vintage Toy Find: Noah’s Ark Play Set by Creative Playthings

Noah’s Ark Play Set by Creative Playthings
Available for $40 from Swear To Mod

Noah’s Ark sets are one of my favorite toys, along with vintage vehicles, building blocks and theatres. This 1970’s Creative Playthings’ flat-pack sets looks to be in reasonable condition and would make many a child and parent happy. Bright and cheerful, this is certainly good enough to leave out on display, or use for play (watch out for those small parts, please).

Etsy Vintage Toy Find: Transogram Dart Game

Transogram Dart Game
Available for $45 from Hope and Joy Home

Kids love anything to do with carnivals and I think this unusual transogram dart game would make a fantastic feature in a teen’s room or family play space. I love the bright graphics on the spinning wheel, and overall, the game seems in reasonable condition. A nice way to add a retro touch to a home, especially if you collect US circus /carnival memorabilia.

Etsy Vintage Toy Finds: Dr. Doodle Duck

Dr. Doodle Duck
Available for $59.99 from Amelia Jane Vintage

I’ve never been a great lover of plastic Fisher Price toys but the earlier, wooden models are beautiful. Dr Doodle Duck here has been well played with (1960’s) and shows signs of age. However, he can still do his thing, should you choose to use him as a toy, and would make a very cute decorative feature in a child’s room. Inspired to start a Fisher Price Toy collection, why not?