Flower Power Pipe Cleaners

Flower Power Pipe Cleaners

They say April showers bring May flowers, but you can make these pipe cleaner peace sign flowers any month of the year! Pipe cleaners are such a forgiving material to work with (you can bend and rebend them!) so this project is a fun one for kids of almost all ages. These flowers would be so fun taped to a bedroom wall, strung together as a mobile, or even taped into a window!

what you need:

  • Pipe cleaners in assorted colors
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape


Step 1
Pick the color of pipe cleaner that you’d like to start with and make sure that you have five full-length pipe cleaners in that color. Each flower requires five pipe cleaners.

Step 2
Shape one full-length pipe cleaner into a circle shape, twisting the ends to secure in place. Adjust the circle until it’s nice and evenly round – you can do this around a jar or glass if you prefer!

Step 3
Take a second pipe cleaner and twist one end onto the circle. Cross the pipe cleaner across the circle, splitting it evenly in two, and twist the other end to the circle to form a straight line. Trim the excess pipe cleaner and keep for the next step.

Step 4
Fold the cut-off piece from the last step evenly in half and unfold to find the center. Twist this folded center around the middle pipe cleaner that you just added in the previous step. Take the two ends of this new piece and wrap each around the pipe cleaner circle to secure into a peace sign. Use scissors to trim any excess pipe cleaner.

Step 5
Time to make the petals! Our flowers have 6 petals – one full-length pipe cleaner forms two petals with a little bit extra. Since a peace sign conveniently divides your circle into three fairly even segments, aim to fit two petals on each. Take your first pipe cleaner and twist it to the circle to secure. Bend it into a U shape around the outside of the circle, forming a petal. Bend the pipe cleaner to finish the first petal and start the next. Once you have two petals secured on the circle, trim the excess pipe cleaner away.

Step 6
Repeat this with a new pipe cleaner, adding two more petals onto the peace sign, and then again with a final pipe cleaner to form the last few petals.

Your flower power peace signs are complete! Repeat in as many colors as you like and tape onto the wall, pin onto bulletin boards, use as backpack charms, or whatever you like!

Flower Power Pipe Cleaners

Happy crafting!