A Free Good Housekeeping TV Class for All!

It’s official: we’re giving everybody a free class on Good Housekeeping TV! We launched the Good Housekeeping channel with Hearst Digital in May that offers tons of classes, walking you through every step of incredible DIY projects and recipes. Some of our favorite experts like Paul Lowe, Jodi Levine, and Erin Phraner have contributed some amazing projects, and so have we! I’ve been following these guys for years and feel so grateful to be teaching alongside them.

While I do love a simple, one-two punch project that the littles and I can knock out in under an hour, I still crave a good weekend-long challenge during the summer. In the fast-paced world of our day-to-day lives, there’s something calming and more gratifying about slowing down and taking the time to complete a more involved DIY. Get in the zone by checking out this tutorial of us creating a giant papier-mâché ship. We still have TWO of the ships hanging from our rafters because they make such great conversation pieces—not to mention decoration for kids rooms.

Handmade Charlotte original dessert drink for GHTV

We also mixed up these delicious ice-cream flonanzas we think you’ll go crazy over (think frozen berries, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet and natural soda)! But you can’t have an ice cream party without crafting a make-any-party-a-better-party box!  We’re talking no-sew napkins, DIY napkin rings, a pattern table cloth, and a scrumptious signature mocktail! We’ve had a party and a half creating our three projects for GHTV so far and can’t wait to whip up more.

GHTV has something for everyone. To get you started on your summer projecting, we want to give you one free premium class on GHTV! But hurry: there’s a limited number of codes, and when they’re gone, they’re gone! The best part is that once you submit your code to GHTV, the class is yours forever.

As always, we love hearing what our readers are working on; shoot us an email and let us know which class you choose! You can check out all the premium classes in a single list by clicking the “Classes” tab in the main menu of the GHTV website. Happy crafting!

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