Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

Everyone loves the tooth fairy. What’s not to love? Loose a tooth, get a prize. Here’s a fun project to make the experience more memorable. All you need are a few basic craft supplies and our free downloadable template.

DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

What You Need

  • 8.5 x 11-inch card stock (white or cream)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape
  • Printable template (download here)


DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

Step 1: Print & Cut The Template
Download the tooth fairy notes template and print on 8.5 in. x 11 in. white or cream card stock paper. Using your utility knife or scissors, cut along the dotted line for each envelope & note. A craft knife and cutting mat are highly recommended for making precise cuts.

DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

Step 2: Assemble The Envelopes
Fold the tabs of the two envelopes and apply tape or glue. Press together and hold for a few seconds, or long enough for the glue to set.

DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

Step 3: Add Your Child’s Note To The Tooth Fairy
Now it’s time for your little one to fill out the note to the tooth fairy. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling—let your child be themselves. Reading the note from your child is the best part of the project!

DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes

Step 4: The Payout
Place the “tooth reward” in the envelope from the tooth fairy. You definitely get bonus points for including a two dollar bill or a silver dollar. This will be your child’s favorite part of the project, of course.

Happy crafting!


  • Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for the Tooth Fairy Printout. Waiting for my 6 year old daughter to loose her 1st tooth. I love to make it special for the kids, with my oldest son I wasted so much time surfing the web for “free” downloads, only to be spammed and frustrated. So I really appreciate having this on hand. Thanks again:-)

  • Hi there, I love the idea of leaving a note like this one from the Tooth Fairy. I’ve tried searching your site for the free Printout but have had no luck finding it? I found the party planning list, but not this one. Can you help?

  • I love this! My daughter is only 4 but how fun it will be when she gets to the age of loosing teeth. Thank you for sharing!

  • What a sweet printable! Thank you so much! <3 I can't wait to see how excited my daughter is to receive this tomorrow!

  • My son wrote his first letter to the tooth fairy tonight—I wish you had a printable for a return letter. Any chance you have one in the works? My son wants to know what her castle looks like so I think I”ll print a picture of a fairy garden since I don’t have any fairy stationary to write back. :)

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