Free Your Inner Flamingo

Flamingo Doughnut Tutorial by Like The Cheese

There are few birds more ridiculous, frivolous, fabulous, and original than the flamingo. Whenever we go to the zoo I end up taking pictures of them, even though I’ve seen them many times. They’re just so absurd, with those legs for miles and fabulous pink plumage.

Maybe we love them because they just don’t care how ridiculous they look. They remind me to just go out there and be as absurd as I want to be. Is that why we like to add them to all of our accessories? And why flamingo lawn ornaments never really go out of style? I hope so, because I love them. Let’s celebrate their brand of crazy with these fun DIY projects!

Flamingo Favor Bag DIY by Oh Happy Day

Flamingo Favor Bags
See the tutorial at Oh Happy Day

These are the cutest favor bags ever, and yet somehow very stylish too. I think they’d work for a birthday gift as well as the favors.

Flamingo Tote DIY by Weekend Pursuits

Flamingo Tote
See the tutorial at Weekend Pursuits

Turn that random trip to the pool with the kids into something much more fabulous. Though I think I’d go more crafty and put a flamingo on a thick canvas carry-all!

Flamingo Trophy DIY by Flamingo Toes

Flamingo Trophy
See the tutorial at Flamingo Toes

Move that lawn ornament inside so you can see it year-round. I particularly love this presiding over a girl’s bedroom, don’t you?

Flamingo Printables by Oh So Lovely

Flamingo Printables
See all the printables at Oh So Lovely

No time to get full-on crafty? Grab one of these printables (or all of 4 them!), then enjoy the added whimsy on your walls. Easy peasy.

Flamingo Picnic Blanket Tutorial by A Bubbly Life

Flamingo Picnic Blanket
See the tutorial at A Bubbly Life

I love a good picnic, but so many picnic blankets are so blah. Rev it up with your own flamingo masterpiece, and your simple picnic foods will feel ten times better.

Pictured at the top of this post: Flamingo Donuts, see the tutorial at Like the Cheese.