Friendly Fast Food Printable Boxes

Craft your own super cute fast food packaging with this free printable for mini boxes! You can print, fold, and glue these cartons and cups to hold small gifts or for make-believe play. Make one or the whole set!

You can choose to print the boxes in kawaii candy colors (they aren’t traditional for fast food, but they sure are cute!), or in black and white so you can color and decorate them however you like. Or, print them on colored card stock for a colorful look without using much ink.

Fire up your printer and start making some adorable fast food packaging!

what you need:

what you need:

Step 1
Print pages 1-5 on card stock. Print page 6 (with the striped straws) on regular paper.

Cut out around all the pieces. Follow the instructions below for extra cuts in a few of the box shapes.

French Fry Box
Fold the white tabs and the pink sides to the back. Fold the curved bottom, working the crease slowly for the most accuracy.

Apply glue to the white tabs and stick the pink sides down onto the glue.

This mini french fry box is ready to fill with treats or pretend food!

Burger Box
This box has eight white tabs. Snip them on the shorter sides, keeping the long edge attached.

Fold all the tabs and sides to the back on the solid lines.

Apply glue to the white tabs and press the closest side to the tab, forming the box top and bottom.

Place a small gift inside or make a play dough burger!

Soft Drink Cup Box
This is the most complicated of the boxes. Start by gluing the tab on the cup and rolling it into a tube shape.

Next, cut the white tabs on the long strip and fold each tab to the back. Cut the tabs around the circle and fold them to the back.

Apply glue to the folded tabs on the circle and then push the circle into the bottom of the cup. The tabs should match up with the bottom edge of the cup.

Cut the X in the center of the lid circle. A craft knife and cutting mat are helpful for this. Gently press the triangular tabs toward the back.

Apply glue around the edge of the back of the lid circle. Stick the cut tabs of the long strip down onto the glue. Working a section at a time, you should be able to make it form a circle.

Roll the striped straw into a tube and glue the edge. You may want to glue about an inch to make it stick well as you roll the end.

Pop a few goodies inside this cup, then add the lid and straw!

Dessert Box
Fold all the solid lines to the back, folding the curved ends in the same way as the french fry box.

Glue the white tab and attach it to form a flattened tube.

When the glue is dry, fold the ends in, with the white tabs first. There’s no need to glue these, because they hold in place on their own.

But don’t forget to add something fun before you close it up!

With fries, a burger, soft drink, and dessert, there’s a complete menu of boxes here. And thankfully, they’re calorie free! Which means you can fill them with treats and not feel too bad about it. If you’re giving a gift to a friend who loves fast food, a few of these boxes even fit a gift card.

But why save these only for giving treats and surprises? They’re also just fun to play with.

Set up a whole kawaii restaurant and enjoy some pretend play. Need some food to go inside? Pull out the play dough to shape a few fun foods!

Happy crafting!