The Perfect Present

Froebel Gifts for Prince George

Parents Magazine asked us what we would give the Royal Family’s latest addition for his big day. Handmade Charlotte loves giving creative and educational experiences to children and their families so our choice was obvious. We would give him the toys that Frank Lloyd Wright attributes much of his genius to: Froebel Gifts. Not only are these the toys that propelled the modernist movement, but they were also the first toys used for educational purposes.

Up until the early 1800s, toys were intended solely for amusement, and education was provided through books and instruction. That’s when our friend Friedrich Froebel comes in. Froebel was a German pedagogue who created the concept of “Kindergarten” based on his recognition that children have unique skills and capabilities, requiring personalized learning approaches.

Froebel’s Kindergarten used play as its engine and “Spielgabe” (or play gifts) as its fuel. After his death in 1852, his followers extended the series of educational toys by numbering the toys and materials used in his school and making them available to parents around the world.

Visit the Froebel Gifts’ website to kickstart your child’s education!

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