Frozen Watermelon Punch

Frozen Watermelon Punch

It doesn’t really feel like summer until we’re biting into a juicy slice of watermelon. We got a bit impatient and decided to take matters into our own hands in our craft series with Monica of Lavin Label. Feast your eyes on this frozen watermelon punch – YUM! These colorblocked sippers are so easy to put together, the hardest part will be waiting for them to freeze!

Frozen Watermelon Punch
This is the time of year when activities and sports really start ramping up again for our kids, so we thought these colorful sippers would be the perfect treat after a long day of running around outside. The bright colors of Gatorade are perfect for this punch, but of course use your family’s favorite juice for a frozen punch all your own. The colorblocking in these drinks looks really impressive but we promise it’s a breeze to do. We went for a watermelon-inspired look with these colors but mix and match flavors to best suit your party’s theme or your kids’ team colors!!
 Frozen Watermelon Punch

What you need

  • Small jars
  • Straws
  • Gatorade in two flavors


Step 1
Pour Gatorade (we used Lemon Lime) into plastic drinking jars until they are about halfway full. Screw the lids on to make sure you don’t have any spills.

Step 2
Put the jars into your freezer on an angle to create the diagonal colorblock look shown here. We arranged boxes already in the freezer so that the plastic jars could sit at the angle we wanted. Let freeze completely.

Frozen Watermelon Punch

Step 3
Once frozen, remove the lids and pour in more Gatorade – we used Watermelon Citrus. If your jar lids have holes in them for straws, put both those on each jar. As the frozen layer melts, the drinks will become a tasty mixed punch of two flavors!

Frozen Watermelon PunchFrozen Watermelon Punch
Frozen Watermelon Punch
A huge thank you again to Monica at Lavin Label, photographer extraordinaire Kelli Boyd, and everyone who made this collaboration possible! We had a blast working on each of these projects and feel so lucky to have worked with so many amazing people. High five!
Photography: Kelli Boyd Photography
Charlotte’s Clothing: Crescent Moon Children 

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