Get To Know Your Shapes With Funny Face Printables

Printable Shape Matching Game

What’s more fun than learning your shapes? Learning them with a group of funny faced friends, of course!

In Montessori classrooms, 3-part cards, or nomenclature cards as they are often called, are a common learning tool. They help children to become familiar with pictures of objects and to begin to associate words with those objects. They also help children to discern between words, even when they still aren’t able to read them. In the process, kids start to pick up some sight words, too!

While a Montessori school might call this “work,” it feels a lot like a matching game to me and my kids. Something tells me that your littles will have just as much fun. So take a whack at this easy, printable matching game and get your kids excited about shapes and words and learning of all kind!

Printable Shape Matching Game

What You Need

  • Happy Shape 3-Part Cards (download here)
  • Printer (with colored ink)
  • Card Stock
  • Scissors
Printable Shape Matching Game


Step 1
Download and print all game cards, then use scissors to cut the pieces apart along the solid lines.

For each shape, there are three parts. The base card has both a shape and a word for that shape. The second card is simply the shape, and the final card has only the word. That’s three total.

Printable Shape Matching Game

Step 2
Separate the shape cards from the word cards, then make two stacks: one for shapes and one for words.

To start the game, lay out all of the base cards, facing up. For each base card, have your child look through the stack of shape cards. They may want to spread them out, but it’s easier and more space efficient to flip through the deck. It also helps with memory!

Have them place the shapes in their hands on top of the corresponding shapes on the table.

Printable Shape Matching Game

Printable Shape Matching Game
Step 3
After all of the shapes have been matched, it’s time to add the associated word cards. Again, work from the stack or spread them out.

Printable Shape Matching Game Printable Shape Matching Game

Once everything is said and done, you can check to see how your little geometrists did! Or you may want to have them check their own work. You can also use the printables as regular shape flashcards, as a guide for spelling different shape words, or simply as a way for learning the rainbow-order of colors (red, orange, yellow… etc.)

Printable Shape Matching Game

Happy crafting, happy playing, and happy learning!