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LG Door-in-Door Refrigerator

There are some items I don’t need to write down for my weekly trip to the market – milk, bread, cheese, eggs, and wine are always going to be in the cart. When it comes to snacks, hubby and the kids have their individual favorites that are starting to become rote as well. But knowing what I’m going to buy at the store doesn’t keep the mommy guilt from creeping in every now and then – I’m a sucker for convenience too, but things that are quick and easy aren’t always the best for my family.

So in an effort to eat healthier, serve better foods, and enjoy truly tasty delights, let’s get back to basics and think about the family-friendly foods that’ll satisfy everyone in the house. The following items can pull double duty as a main course and snack, and they can be easy enough to grab even when you’re late, running out the door, and have zero time to rummage in the fridge:

  • Get fruity: It’s a no-brainer, but fresh fruit is so often overlooked. Along with making fruit one of the first snack options for your kids, implement it in main courses and as dessert. It’s hard to compete with orange chicken, a green apple salad, or strawberries and whipped cream to end the meal.
  • Versatile veggies: When you’re planning your meals for the week, choose the vegetables that will get you the most mileage and which will work well either hot or cold. Broccoli is delish in a stir-fry, but it’s also a great snack with some dip or cheese. Cucumbers will freshen up any salad and leftover slices can serve as the stuffing for kid-sized finger sandwiches.
  • Go grandiose: There’s nothing wrong with cooking a 10-pound turkey for your family of four. It’ll give you a great sit-down meal and serve as a healthy, delicious snack for the rest of the week. Easy turkey sandwiches for lunch or turkey and cheese for snack time.

You’ll feel especially satisfied by your efforts to get your family to eat better when you adopt healthy snacking habits in your household too. Put your applicable leftovers in portion-sized baggies and keep ‘em handy in the fridge. Feel like your refrigerator is a black hole for any small servings? It might be time to upgrade to a model that will give you the space you need without relegating tasty leftovers to the back corners of overcrowded shelves.

LG Electronics’ Super-Capacity 3 Door French Door Refrigerator lets you stash your snackage in a handy, organized fashion with their new Door-in-Door feature. It keeps the main part of your fridge cool – and everything in it – while hubby and the kids choose their baggie du jour of fresh fruit slices, veggie chunks, or meaty morsels. Check out the Door-in-Door Refrigerator on LG Electronics USA’s Facebook page (those “Food Fight” videos are sure to get your kids’ brains whirring) for a chance to win your own new super-organized fridge. The LG sweepstakes starts July 16.

Comment on which of your favorite Go-to foods you would put in the Door-in-Door feature for easy access for a chance to win a $100 gift card! Click here for official rules.

This post is sponsored by LG Electronics.