The Great Christmas Giveaway


As any mom knows, there is a lot of Christmas tree constructing, garland draping, and light untangling that goes into making things merry and bright over the holidays. At least that was the case until Balsam Hill introduced the Flip Tree and made all of my holiday wishes come true! It’s the world’s most innovative Christmas tree and we are giving one away today. Scroll down to the bottom and follow the directions to win your very own.

BH Noble Fir Flip Tree Close Up

The BH Noble Fir Flip Tree is a two-step, pre-lit wonder that has Christmas lovers and last-minute decorators rejoicing. Roll it out of the closet, push the pedal, and watch as it flips into place before your eyes (yes, I mean literally flips). Attach the lightweight tree top and voilà, the star of your living room is ready for its close-up. There’s no heavy lifting, no assembling of branches. And it arrives at your doorstep already twinkling with lights.

In addition to being the world’s most low-maintenance tree, its hyper-realistic qualities will fool everyone into thinking you lumber-jacked it fresh from the forest. We added some extra Woodland Red Berry Sprays to add a bright pop of color and texture to our tree.

Balsam Hill Woodland Ornament Set German Nutcracker Soldier

We spend a great deal of time tromping through the woods surrounding our farmhouse. When I saw the Woodland Ornament Set, I felt like it was made just for my family. The set includes squirrels with furry little tails, giant wooden acorns, and some snowy sparkles too. I knew we were running the risk of going overboard with the woodsy theme, so I made sure to incorporate just the right mix of Classic Christmas with pieces such as this German Nutcracker Soldier.

Ok, now the most important moment…your chance to win. Scroll down and follow the directions to win your very own Flip Tree. And remember, this is just the first gift out of the bag! Be sure to check back over the next two weeks as we share holiday memories, swap decorating secrets, and give away more amazing prizes.

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  • One of my favorite holiday traditions was decorating the tree, and also eating a big Christmas dinner with my extended family, upwards of 20+ people. I have always been the youngest out of all the families, and was well-doted on. :)
    Sarah M

  • My favorite Christmas memories involve decorating the tree, while listening to John Denver (on vinyl!). As an adult, I love the things we do together each year – visiting museums and the botanical gardens, done up for Christmas, and seeing The Nutcracker downtown. This year, my oldest daughter is dancing as a mouse for the first time, so that will be especially wonderful! – Danzel B. (sorry, disqus hated me when I started my account)

  • my favourite christmas memory was our tree topper. It was very colorful and had a angel in the middle of it. I was in awe but looking back I know it was a bit ridiculous.

  • My favorite Christmas memories included a “sleepover” in my sister’s bedroom on Christmas Eve… and then in the morning, we were supposed to wait there patiently until the grandparents arrived. They would come visit us as they arrived, helping pass the time until we were given the okay to dash to the tree!

  • My favorite Christmas memories involve going to Grandmas after Santa had visited our house. We would meet with the other family, eat a wonderful meal, open presents from the grandparents and each other…and as it got later the real fun began. We played every dominoes game known to man and a few round of “spoons” too. Rules were “cut your nails and don’t use the silver” . We played until the wee hours of the morning and laughed and laughed. My Grandmother always had the most meticulously, beautiful tree. We were always in awe.

  • my grandmother was australian and used to make a duck for thanksgiving and a goose for christmas. us kids didn’t understand that or even like it, but we LOVED her cookies and desserts. i still miss her at the holidays.

  • Special Christmas memories are when My Dad and Mom took us to get our Christmas tree every year when I was growing up. My Dad chopped down the tree and our tree was so pretty. We all got bundled up and drank hot chocolate and went for a long ride to get our tree. We listened to Christmas music on the way!

  • My favorite Christmas memories are watching my daughter’s excitement as she opens presents and sees what Santa brought her.

  • My wife has always wanted a real tree for Christmas. One of our first Christmas’s together, there was nowhere locally to buy a tree and we were pretty much broke besides. A friend of ours and I decided that we would go out and do it the old fashioned way and just find our own. I knew where there were about a thousand acres of cedar trees so off we went. My friend and I spent the better art of the day walking all over those woods trying to find a tree good enough to suit her but none were good enough I thought. We had given up and were walking out of the woods and not 100 yards from the truck, I spotted the most absolutely perfect tree that I had ever seen in my life. And that day alone I had seen a few thousand, It only had one “little-bitty” problem. But, I cut it anyways and took it home to her. We decorated it and had the perfect tree. Oh yeah, that problem, it was about 18 inches tall. I put it in an old mop bucket and we sat it in the window sill. But it was the perfect tree after all.

  • Some of my favorite Christmas memoires our as a child, going out to the country to visit my aunt and uncle, we would go sledding down the biggest hills, and my sisters and cousins would use wax paper to sit on down her slide and go flying into the snow, it was always the entire family together that made for exciting fun. We also would bake with my aunt.

  • My brother would be so excited for Christmas that he could sleep so he’d come into my room and we’d talk and laugh until (what we thought) was early in the morning. I still remember that excited, magical feeling!

  • Decorating the tree! My siblings and I would always fight over the same ornament! Great memories :)

  • Wow! I love this tree! And we have the ceilings for it too!!! :) My favorite Christmas memory was going to Ray & Millie’s house every year. Ray was my fathers boss, but Ray & Millie treated my sister & I like we were their grandchildren. They always went all out for the decorations and we would make a variety of Christmas sweets with them <3

  • I remember when I was a kid and we didn’t have much. My mother ,brother and myself, wrapped empty containers and put under the tree to let people see we really had things. Christmas morning we woke up and those boxes and such we wrapped werenot empty. There was something in every package including what we asked Santa for. Right then we knew Santa was real. I sure hated later in years finding out opposite but I did realize how much love my mother and father had for us boys, more then any presents worth.

  • Other than every Christmas when I was a kid, it would have to be Christmas Eve 1989 when my husband proposed.

  • My favorite memory growing up was the year I slept under the tree because I wanted to see Santa for myself. I woke up under the tree surrounded by gifts!

  • This is gonna sound really strange but my brother and I took turns (I did one year, he did the next) sleeping in a rubber dinghy underneath the Christmas tree when we were growing up. It was magical sleeping underneath the lights and ornaments and waking up surrounded in presents Christmas morning

  • I loved all of my Christmas’s as a kid! Just the magic of it all and my mom always had the prettiest tree…… and the one year I got a new Stereo and a cool new Bike as my big gifts and I just couldn’t believe it! Awesome! Thanks……:)

  • A special favorite is when all my boys came home for my mom’s last Christmas. It was very special and heartwarming.

  • Every Christmas Eve my family and I attend church, then we drive around our neighborhood looking at the lights on the way home. Once there the children are put to bed, the adults have whiskey and eggnog for a little pre Christmas cheer! Good times.

  • I remember when I was really young we lived in Oregon, and Christmas Eve night my sister and I would take a bath and here “Santa” make his normal HO HO HO, and we would get out find brand new Pajamas, slippers, and robes. Then go out to the tree to find it had more presents under it. We could only open one that night. But that is one of my favorite memories

  • One of my very favorite Christmas memories is my Grandma’s last Christmas with us. She was terminal…dying of breast cancer, and even thought she only lived a couple of miles away, she chose to spend the night with us on Christmas Eve. We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of oyster stew and quiche and it was so nice having her there on Christmas morning to wake up with us and watch us open our gifts. She died exactly 6 months later. I will never forget that Christmas with her. Even though she was feeling terrible, she put up a front for all of us. I love and miss her so much.

  • My favorite memory is, as a child, waking up on Christmas morning and spending that time with my family. Now that I’m grown, I have a second favorite memory of doing the same with my own children. I miss that the most since they had the nerve to grow up. Merry Christmas!

  • My favorite memories are baking with my mom and sister and than giving the trays of baked goods to friends and family. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and Happy Holidays :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  • My favorite memory is, as a child, was having the whole family together at my grandma’s house and we had the 7 courses dinners. Things have changed being they have passed and I miss them so much. Holding onto memories are the best

  • Some of my best Christmas memories are from Christmas visits to my grandma’s house when all of the relatives and cousins gathered to exchange gifts on Christmas eve. I would see people I only saw once a year and there was always lots of laughter and great food.

  • I grew up in a big family,I’m one of 7 siblings,so there was always lots of kids,and people at Christmas but my mom usually did the cooking and when I was big enough,I began being her sole helper and was so proud,our laughs in the kitchen were priceless but that’s really what I remember,our family has always had a lot of laughing and joking around.

  • One of my favorite Christmas memories was when we would pack up at Christmas and go to my Aunt and Uncle’s in Tennessee. A lot of great memories were made with my cousins and 2 brothers. I always wondered how Santa found me there!

  • some of my favorite christmas memories is spending time with my grandpa when he was still around he cared about me so much and gave me the best memories of my life

  • My favorite Christmas memories was when my step-mom cooked Christmas dinner and all her family would come and after we ate would open presents.

  • Last year was a favorite Christmas memory of mine because it was the first one I spent with my boyfriend and he got to meet a good chunk of my family.

  • I remember the Christmas I got a new Nintendo when it first came out with Duck Hunt and the Original Mario Brothers. That was a great Christmas. Never did I think I’d actually get one. I believed in Santa that year. I remember.

  • I miss when I was younger and my parents we still here. I have so many great memories with my parents when I was young. I miss them very much. But I still have my memories.

  • I have a big family so I always loved decorating the house together inside and out and cooking/baking together. It’s always so chaotic and so much fun and for whatever reason, we would start cooking early in the morning but would never have Christmas dinner until a ridiculous time at night — 11pm, 1 am etc. Such fun memories that still happen presently.

  • I loved having both sides of the grandparents come over to celebrate. Everybody is so busy these days or has passed away, it’s just not the same.

  • Some of my favourite memories are when I would sneak downstairs to see the presents under the tree. Then open my stocking while sitting on the basement stairs so as not to wake anyone up with the light coming from there.

  • My favorite Christmas memory was when we were really having a hard time financially growing up my parents couldn’t afford a tree so me and my brother found the scraps that people trimmed off of theirs and duct taped them to a milk-crate and decorated it with cut out pictures from coloring books. A week later the church offered to buy us a tree and we refused. W were vey proud of our “homemade” little tree. Our parents couldn’t have been prouder of us for showing the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

  • One of my favorite memories was how I thought I saw Santa by the tree when I woke, in the middle of the night, and tiptoed into the restroom. It was actually a play refrigerator that I thought was Santa!

  • My favorite christmas memory was when we couldnt afford a christmas tree and my son who was 9 at the time went and cut down some sticks with leaves on them and planted them… It was adorable

  • It would have to be this Christmas. Already have a promise of a gift I never imagined I would be lucky enough to receive.

    Can’t wait!!

  • One of my favorite Christmas memories is when my dad and stepmom got bubble lights for our tree. I remember those lights and how wonderful it looked once they started bubbling. I watched that tree so much that Christmas.

  • Roasting marshmellows around the fire pit and opening a single gift on Christmas eve and then opening the rest on Christmas day.

  • What a Beautiful Tree! We haven’t had a tree up in so many years that I forget! Trees were my Christmas!
    I would love to look at this @ this wonderful time of the year!

  • Some of my best memories involve going out to chop down our Christmas tree and returning to hot chocolate and cookies.

  • My best memory is taking a horse drawn carriage ride on Christmas ever with my husband and kids and following it up at home with a Christmas movie marathon :)

  • My favorite Christmas memories is opening presents on Christmas night & Santa gifts every morning…….my poor parents up all night putting things together.

  • My Grandma and Dad both died a few years ago the day after Christmas and a week after Christmas, yes I no hard, so before that we had the best time, always laughing playing games, my grandma sewed this board with mini stockings on it, and each one she would put a mini gift in it for us to open even thou I am now 39 and she did this my entire life, and for all of us, even my mom. We always laughed because sometimes it was something really good, or well good for the stockings, and sometimes it could be a silly gift, so we would be like it better be good… we got to do this the entire month of dec. it was so fun. I miss them both so much. And all the good times, It is hard to make new memory’s and come up with new traditions, I want to, but it is hard. Happy holidays to all.

  • My favorite Christmas memory is my son’s first Christmas. He was almost a year old and he was awestruck by the tree and all the presents. It took us almost half the day to open them all, since he had to play with each thing.

  • I can’t find my comment now:( lol..My favorite christmas memory is waking up to the snow falling outside & the year my brother & I got our drumsets lol:) Thank you for the chance to win!!

    Joey J.

  • One of my favorite Christmas memories is a memory of the time my parents went out and my siblings and I unwrapped all of our gifts without ripping the wrapping paper. Then we re-wrapped everything and put it all back and my parent never knew.

  • Baking cookies, making fudge and cinnamon candy! As a child visiting my relatives making tamales!

  • Some of my favourite Christmas memories are of going to my grandparents house on Christmas evening and dancing and having a great time with my cousins

  • It was fun back when the mummer would come by for a little drop of Christmas cheer. As I child I enjoyed that part and looked forward to it every year.
    Florence C

  • when I was a child, my dad lost his job, and my mom being a stay at home mom, we weren’t going to be able to get any gifts…I remember my gym teacher showed up and was talking to my mom outside. She and mom then collected filled garbage bags from my gym teachers trunk and took them to our garage…I didn’t think anything of it…Come christmas morning our living room was filled with gifts. My gym teacher and her church collected tons of gifts for me and my 4 siblings.

  • I remember my moms friends and my mom baking all the goodies for our Christmas Eve dinner and to this day I can still smell all the good smells of that wonderful time,it always puts me in a great mood.

  • My favorite Christmas memories are of when my 3 daughters were little anxiously awaiting Christmas and their excitement for the holidays.

  • Ever since I was a little girl, we have always gone to my grandparent’s house to spend Christmas with the whole family. We still do this – they are 88 years old this year. My kids are ages 18-28 and they have been able to spend their entire lives with their lovely great grandparents. How wonderful is that!?

  • Singing Christmas carols at the piano with my mother was the BEST. I passed the tradition along with my own kiddies.

  • One of my favorite memories was when santa brought me a kids shovel. I wanted to be like my daddy and shovel like him.

  • going to see the kids program at church on Christmas Eve, then out to my parents farm for our whole family Christmas

  • some of my favorite memorys is when I was a kid ,me and my dad would go to my grandmothers farm and I would spend hours picking out just the right tree ,no matter how cold,how much snow,we walked circles around the trees till I found what I wanted. Since I was the only girl in the family,i was daddys girl and daddys girl got what she wanted.

  • We always attend the Children’s Services on Christmas Eve, to sing along with the young ones! Decorating the house and cookies while listening to holiday tunes — that’s the best part of Christmas!

  • Would love to win , don’t have a tree yet.we have to make are popcorn garland this year! Merry Christmas. ..

  • My kids first Christmases will always be favorite memories..or maybe the time I was so tired I forget to put the toys out and had to run them back to bed!! Oh boy..THAT was a memory!

  • Being with my grandkids and great grandkids christmas morning and watching their faces while opening gifts that Santa left for them. Best day of the year. Love it.

  • My favorite every year was going to grandmas house with the whole family on Christmas Eve and the kids would be able to open one present each. Thanks for sharing.

  • My favorite Christmas memories are of spending time with my Nan & Pop, they always made this time of year magical and I am so excited to now do the same for my daughter (and another one on the way!).

  • I can remember baking cookies with my mom when I was very small and just loved putting candy’s on the frosting, so much fun, thanks!

  • All the amazing gathering with family and friends cherishing times together making memories. Christmas is my happy time of the year…

  • Sitting with my family around the fireplace and admiring the tree after decorating it:) Enjoying Christmas music and having lots of laughs!

  • One of my favorite. Christmas memories is decorating our tree with all of my Christmas ornaments that Christopher. Radko had signed. Also when we spent Christmas. In Maui, It was different but very enjoyable.

  • Trying my best to go to sleep every single Christmas eve when I was a child- it was nearly impossible!

  • Getting together with my Dad’s family in my grandparents little house and watching Grandma cook Christmas Dinner and all of my Aunts helping. Great times and Memories.

  • My favorite Christmases were of the past the far far past. I was a child at my grandmother’s house. I remember going there one time for Christmas and having to stay for several days maybe even a week because we were snowed in.

  • I have made wonderful memories in the past with my partner and two stepkids. This year is extra special. I have just had my first baby. I cannot wait to make wonderful memories with all of them.

  • One year, i had no Christmas tree for my kids and someone told my local pizza shop i had no Christmas tree. I had a knock on my door and a couple people had a tree . They said they heard i needed a little help for Christmas. They also gave me $100 to help with gifts for my kids. It was the best Christmas my oldest kids have had that year.

  • I especially love when my family gets together and has our annual Christmas Cookie bake off. So much fun (and funny)! We get make teams and have a blast!

  • Cherished Christmas memories from my youth – didn’t have a lot of money but had love. What I remember most were all the board games/spontaneous fun we all had. Mom was preparing the turkey, egg nog had by all and Chips/Dip/Pop and Cribbage/Monopoly/Charades/Clue/Risk…to name a few. Recount tears from laughter running down my Dad’s face – never a better family time than this. Blessed to have a wonderful family – Peace & Happy Holidays my dear family. Love E.

  • I remember trimming the tree and all the stories that each ornament held, I do the same with my kids, lots of laughing and sharing time together.

  • one Christmas I hosted a dinner for some homeless Veterans. I was so blessed to honor those who sacrificed so much for our freedom.

  • Just coming down the stairs in the early morning and nothing was visible except for the lit tree and presents everywhere. Since I was one of four, there were a ton of presents. We opened our presents, put stuff together and played all morning while mom and dad went back to bed. Lol

  • I enjoy seeing the pricless epressions on my fmaily’s face when opening gifts from under the tree. There is nothing quite like that experience!

  • Some of my favorite Christmas holiday traditions are hanging out with my family at my uncle’s house after a huge family dinner.

  • I have always enjoyed waking up to presents Christmas morning. It would have been better with the expensive tree!

  • Favourite memory is lying awake on Christmas eve with my four brothers trying to hear Santa on the roof!

  • We have a tradition with the Family to wear the craziest Christmas pajamas we can find on Christmas Eve night. Sometimes we pull our close friends in on it too. Even our Jewish friends :)

  • my favorite Christmas memory is of my father bringing home the tree and decorating it as a family and watching the snow fall listening to Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa

  • I loved the smells of Christmas morning with the Cedar tree, oranges, chocolate, tangelos and the coffee brewing.

  • My favorite Christmas memories, getting together with a big family, relatives, cousins, nothing can replace a good spend time with people who you don’t usually see, i miss those times!

  • One of my favorite memories is of being allowed to use the “record player” all by myself to listen to the Christmas albums. Also, reading all the album covers, and singing along with the printed lyrics that some of them had.

  • Going to my aunts house every year on Christmas Eve, spending Christmas day with at my grandparents. Going tobogganing and eating lots of yummy food!

  • When were having hard times ,we found a tree in a dumpster at the mall (super big) took it home and cut to size and we had a tree. It then felt like christmas

  • My favorite Christmas memories are the ones that the whole family is together on Christmas morning and sharing and enjoying time with each other; those are the favorite cause the Christmas’ that everyone isn’t there just feel a little less.

  • Since I love this time of year, I have many many great memories… childhood Christmases that felt so grand and looking back to realize we really didn’t have much but mom and dad made it feel huge! decorating the tree together, our son’s first Christmas, the family gatherings. All of it!

  • My favorite Christmas memory is being at my grandparents lake side home in Little Rock, Arkansas and watching a bald eagle swoop across the water to catch a fish. I was only 6 years old but I remember it so clearly and it is a memory of my grandparents I will never forget.

  • My best Christmas memories are from when I was a child. We would spend Christmas Eve at one grandmas house. Get up on Christmas day have Christmas at our house then go to our other grandmas house. Now with my kids we don’t get to go all over but we are making the best memories that we can.

  • We alawys do homemade gifts and tree decorations as a family and it is a tradition that I will love forever

  • My favorite holiday memories were baking holiday cakes and cookies with my parents. How, I pass that tradition and bake the treats with my kids.

  • My favorite memories is when I had all my kids and grandkids under our roof spending the Christmas holiday with me.

  • My favorite memory of Christmas is waiting up to go to midnight Mass, then Christmas officially began.

  • My favorite memories are of my son waking up Christmas morning and the excitement and wonder of his little child’s mind.

  • My favorite Christmas memories are those I had when my mom & dad were still married :) it was magical waking up Christmas morning & seeing lots of goodies! And I can’t forget my Bike, Baby Alive, & Easy Bake Oven :D

  • Some of my favorite Christmas memories are going over my grandmothers house for Christmas dinner, spending the whole day their, enjoying the time with aunts, uncles, and cousins playing games, eating and just doing a whole lot of laughing.

  • My favorite memories of Christmas was my brother & I getting up before our parents. We would wait until our parents get up to open our gifts but was allowed open what was in our stockings. :)

  • Going to my aunts house every Christmas Eve, and then spending Christmas day with at my grandparents.

  • Getting to open one gift Christmas Eve night and visiting all the relatives on Christmas day.

  • wow I would love to win this great tree. Mine is ready for the garbage bin. It looks like a Chrlie Brown Tree

  • One of my favorite memories is of my mother reading a story to all of us 7 children around the Christmas tree, it was so lovely listening to her and staring at the sparkling colored lights reflecting off the branches…………………………. Another wonderful memory was all of us children making homemade Christmas decorations with my mother, she had such patience , helping one at a time, smiling , and humming her Christmas tunes………. it sorta like that moment in your young life That I said I hope I am just like her…………ok ok … tears are starting up…

  • My favorite memories were making gingerbread houses and going to candy cane lane to see all the lights

  • Some of my favorite Christmas memories are helping my mom with Christmas dinner and then going to church to help feed the homeless!

  • For me it was when I was 13 and it was the 70’s, I had asked my mom for a
    pair of white go-go boots. I got up on Christmas morning and we opened
    all of our gifts and no boots for me. I was so disappointed to say the
    least. My mom told us all to get our jammies off and get dressed because
    we had other family coming over and lo and behold there they were!
    Parked right beside my bed! I think I cried for an hour while clutching
    them to my chest! What a wonderful (and groovy) Christmas it was!

  • Being a kid on Christmas from probably the age of 3-8, the time you really believe in the old fat guy. Those days were magical. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • My best memories were when we were able to buy gifts for the less fortunate children in our area. Giving brings so much joy!

  • my fav memories are of when my now 33 yr old daughter was little and just discovering the joy of christmas.. learning about santa and opening all the pressies

  • Getting my Cabbage Patch doll as a kid for Christmas when I thought they were all sold out everywhere during the craze – it was so exciting!!! :)

  • I have so many great memories from when my father was alive. He made our holidays merry!! He was so fun and he is so missed….

  • I have a lot of memories but the best ones I can think of was setting my alarm for 5am and sneaking down the tree to shake gifts and dig through my stocking! :)

  • Some of my best Christmas memories are time spent with my grandparents, parents and siblings. Even though, I cherish Christmas with my children and grandchildren, I would love to have one more Christmas with my grandparents and have a slice of grandma’s mincemeat pie.

  • My favorite memories are Christmases as a child, I come from a very large family and now so many of them are gone, 3 of my siblings, my Dad and my grandparents. I treasure the memories, though!

  • I have so many! I loved the first Christmas with my daughter. She was 20 days old and fit inside her Baby’s First stocking! So tiny and beautiful! My heart just melted!

  • I have the best memories of Christmas Eve parties with all our extended family members each year. I’d be so excited about exchanging gifts at the party and then heading home to go to bed and wait for Santa to show up. Thank you for sharing this beautiful giveaway with us. My tree lights quit working and this would be such a blessing.

  • One of my favorite memories was watching my kids open presents when they were old enough to understand presents

  • One of my favorite memories is when I was 5 and I heard Santa on the roof! Let me just say that this tree looks so beautiful. Mine is on its last leg and this would be an amazing win!

  • My fave Christmas memory was as a young teen. About a day or two before Christmas, I heard a noise in the middle of night, coming from the living room. I was a bit afraid as the front door was in the main living room only 2 rooms away. I carefully and quietly tiptoed out, barely peeking into living room. There on the floor, on his stomach, under the Christmas tree, in the dark, except for the Christmas lights, was my dad! He was carefully unwrapping and rewrapping gifts with his name on them! I had to put my hand over my mouth to not laugh or let him know I saw. He never knew I caught him and it is a very very sweet memory every time I see a Christmas tree. He sadly passed away at a young age, as did my mother. But at Christmas time, this brings sweet memories.

  • Oh My!! am I reading right – a tree that flips open and into place!!? unreal, beautiful!
    And how gorgeous is the nutcracker – one of my all time favorite symbols of christmas xx

  • I love getting all bundled up and looking at christmas lights! But my very fondest childhood memories are of Christmas Eve spent at my grandparents will all my cousins.

  • Hanging the lights on our tree was SUCH an ordeal–it turns out to have a bit of an ombre effect–less lights on top and more on the bottom! A pre-lit tree would definitely simplify things!

  • As a child we used to go to my grandmothers every Christmas Eve. The entire family would go and it was always the best time of my life. I so miss those moments my grandparents have both passed on and the family has since moved on with families of their own. However it was those times that made me love Christmas and I’ve kept it with me always.

  • When my brother and I were younger we used to set our alarm clocks early Christmas morning to run downstairs and check that Santa came. Then we would proceed to bounce on my parents bed until they woke up!

  • One of my favorite memories is the drive home from my grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. The snow falling and the anticipation of Santa coming that night was just the best feeling in the world! My dad would carry us into the house because we would always fall asleep on the way home. :)

  • My favorite memories are something we still do. When I was very young we
    always went to my Nannies house to open presents then have breakfast.
    Then we would go home and back there for dinner .We have been going to
    my moms now for opening gifts and then breakfast. This memory is now
    with my kids and my nieces and great nieces and nephews GREAT memories
    and traditions

  • My favorite memories were helping my mom bake cookies, cake, decorating the tree & eagerly waiting for my present.

  • I loved when my grandmother, mom, myself and my son would gather in the kitchen for a day long cookie bake-a-thon! 4 generations having so much fun. Though there are only 2 generations left, my son and I still love to bake cookies every Christmas.

  • Some of my favorite Christmas memories are going to my Grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve. She always made things feel so magical, and everything was done with lots of love.

  • One of my favourite Christmas memories was of my childhood Christmases, until age 5, in Switzerland. A real tree, real lit candles (I know, right??)–magical.

  • I remember waking up every Christmas morning with my sister and brother,, running for our stockings,and bring them in to our parents bed and open them up :)

  • My greatest memories are from when I was a child. We use to, as a family, make our own Christmas decorations each year.

  • Cutting down our own tree..then decorating as we bake cookies..learning
    to bake with my grandma..and, making stuffing with mom..watching the
    parade too.

  • Stringing popcorn and cranberries for the tree garland – and putting Miss Piggy on the top. She was our “star.” :)

  • Our favorite Christmas tradition is to get in our pajamas and drive around look at Christmas decorations!

  • Making Christmas dinners with my Family each and every year while I was growing up and learning our families traditions hands on. Boy I miss my Grandma.

  • some of my favorite xmas memories are of when i was a kid all the grand children would get together every year and do a new xmas craft this was something all of us enjoyed doing and i will be doing this once i have children. also i love getting together on xmas day to enjoy a great meal with my family

  • My favorite christmas memory was looking forward to both sets of grandparents coming to our house for Christmas Dinner. They’ve all since passed away but I still have lovely fond memories of them! :)

  • The year Santa left boot prints from our fireplace to the Christmas tree. 30 years later it is still my favorite Christmas memory!

  • My favorite memory is seeing my daughters face when she got to open her presents Christmas morning. She was finally old enough to open them on her own and it was amazing. I’m so excited for this year. She is really enjoying christmas. She helped decorate the tree this year and last year.

  • I would say having our family–cousins, aunts and uncles over. The women would make tamales and chit-chat, have fun conversations, while the men did whatever. The kids would play outside, come in and play board games. Lots of fun, lots of good memories.

  • My favorite memories are from when I was very young. My mother always had a Christmas Eve party at the house and all the family would gather together. The adults would sit and talk and my cousins and I would play until almost midnight!

  • One of my fondest memories is going out in the back field with my whole family and cutting down our own Christmas tree. We loved doing that. :)

  • The day we put up the tree and pulled out all of those memory-filled ornaments was always the best day! I still love looking back at each and every one, remembering where it came from and what the meaning was behind it. Our Christmas tree was always a walk down memory lane, and still is! I love it!

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  • I remember popping bags of popcorn with my family and stringing it for decorations for the Christmas tree and house

  • When I was young, we always had a mismatched ornaments on our tree, even bird nests that we would find to collect just for this decorating our Christmas tree.

  • My favorite memories are of my family going to my grandparents for Christmas day. Most of the family was there and we would always have fun.

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