Get Your Head in the Clouds


Spring weather – it’s completely unpredictable! One day it’s warm and sunny and you think you might just skip straight into summer, and the next day, it’s snowing. With all that volatility comes lots of crazy clouds. Let’s turn those gloomy days into bright and cheery ones with fun DIYs to bring a smile to your kid’s face (or even a smile to your cloud’s face, depending on the project!). I can’t decide which one to try first: the soap clouds for my daughter, or the floral pillows for my sofa?!

DIY Easy-Sew Cloud Cushions
Cloud Cushions
see the tutorial at Liberty

There are lots of cloud pillows out there, but I’m particularly attracted to these because they look just as good (and grown up) on a living room sofa as they would on a child’s bed.

DIY Cardboard Cloud Light
Cardboard Cloud Light
see photos at Mommo Design

This project actually appeared on 100Kvadratmeter’s Instagram, but the images are clearer at Mommo. The tutorial is pretty straightforward, even if you don’t use handy dandy Google Translate.

Cloud Printable Mobile
In the Clouds Mobile
find printable at Smallful

Ok ok, I couldn’t help but to include a mobile of mine own! It was a total labor of love. It won’t take you nearly as long to make it as it did for me to design and balance. And because it’s made of lightweight paper, it really does float beautifully.

DIY Soap Cloud Project for Kids
Soap Clouds
see tutorial at Our Best Bites

The parent in me sees this as a potential ha-yuge mess, and yet, the curious kid in me is fascinated at the thought of watching soap turn into a cloud in the microwave. I think my inner kids wins this one!

DIY Hanging Clouds Backdrop
Hanging Clouds Backdrop
see tutorial at A Practical Wedding

They may be using these as wedding backdrops, but you definitely don’t have to be married to enjoy the magic of these hanging wonders. Make a couple of clouds for a playroom, a bedroom, a birthday party, a dining room hanging centerpiece, a backyard fort decoration, etc. Whatever you can think of!

Pictured at top: Homemade Cloud Marshmallows, see tutorial at La Receta de la Felicidad.