Homemade Holiday Ornaments

DIY Gift Bag Ornaments

With the holidays just around the corner, last-minute gift shopping is a must. With the stress of trying to find the perfect gift, the last thing you need is the stress of wrapping once you’ve found it. The GoGo™ Gift Bag has built-in tissue, so the only thing the bag needs to be complete is a gift. It can be dressed up for the holidays, dressed down for a night in with the girls, and dressed bite-size for a surprise. It’s an all-in-one gift bag that solves every wrapping problem in a matter of seconds.

Holiday GoGo Gift Bags Holiday GoGo Gift Bags Holiday GoGo Gift Bags

What can you pack in the GoGo™ ? Just about anything! An Easy-Bake Oven, a pair of sneakers, gum balls, a skateboard… it all fits and the built-in tissue covers the gift completely to thwart attempts by those impatient present peepers.

Here are a few of our favorite homemade ornaments that we will be packing into our GoGo™ Gift Bags this holiday season.

DIY Glitter Christmas Pendants

DIY Glitter Christmas Pendants

These Glitter Christmas Pendants are easy to make and used as ornaments, gift tags, or decorative buttons. Add a festive, homemade flair to your gifts this holiday season.

DIY Wooden Animal Ornaments

DIY Wooden Animal Ornaments

Add simple ears, eyes, and a nose to wooden baubles to make adorable animals. Decorate the wooden animal ornaments in one or two colors, or add extra felt elements and paint to make them your own!

DIY Hand-Painted Pattern Ornaments

DIY Hand-Painted Pattern Ornaments

These hand-painted patterned ornaments are simple and incredibly fun to design. Plain glass ornaments, acrylic paints, and an imagination are all you need to create beautiful holiday decorations for your family and friends.

Meet The Designer of the GoGo Gift Bag

Erin will be showing her project to 90 million eyeballs today on HSN, so don’t forget to tune in from 6-7pm EST! We have no doubt she’ll be sold out in no time :)

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