DIY Paper Honeycomb Decorations

DIY Mobile via Pinja Colada

Honeycomb paper decorations bring me back to my childhood immediately. I loved the sound they made when you’d carefully open up all those delicate layers for the first time. I think we had some Halloween decorations with honeycomb bases that we brought out every year.

But honeycomb paper has come a long way since then. Gorgeous new colors, and pre-made honeycomb paper bought in packs can be turned into almost anything. It doesn’t need to be just for parties anymore, though I still love it for celebrations too!

DIY Honeycomb Pom-Poms via Craft and Creativity

Honeycomb Pom-Poms
See the tutorial at Craft and Creativity.

So if you’re really looking to get your DIY on, then this tutorial will show you how to make honeycombs out of regular tissue paper. It’s a little-time consuming, but then you can make them striped, rainbow, or any color your heart desires.

DIY Mini Honeycomb Picks via A Subtle Revelry

Mini Honeycomb Picks
See the tutorial at A Subtle Revelry.

These little fruit picks are perfect for summertime. Though we don’t have any big parties to plan, I’d love to use them for tea parties with my little girl!

Honeyomb Gift Toppers via julep

Honeyomb Gift Toppers
See the tutorial at Julep.

Tired of ribbon? Grab some premade honeycomb paper sheets and cut out your own present toppers. Or what about gluing these onto canvases and hanging them in your kids rooms?

DIY Honeycomb Characters via Pysselbolaget

DIY Honeycomb Characters
See the tutorial at Pysselbolaget.

This is my favorite. It’s a great excuse to enjoy the retro illustrations from your favorite kids books – or search online to find some new wonders. Just color copy, cut, and get to work!

DIY Geometric Honeyconb Backdrop via Confetti Pop

Geometric Honeyconb Backdrop
See the tutorial at Confetti Pop.

Because everything is better with a photo-ready backdrop. Or, hang a curtain of honeycomb shapes on the wall behind the bed.

DIY Fruit Tissue Balls via The House That Lars Built

DIY Fruit Tissue Balls
See the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

Hang these in the window of your kids room for an extra juicy pop of color. They’re so simple to make – the grapes are my favorite.

Pictured at the top of this post: Easy DIY Mobile, see the tutorial at Pinja Colada.