Ick-tionary of Epic Messes

We all know where this picture is headed - the Ick-tionary of Epic Messes

We all know where this picture is headed. An idea that seemed logical in the mind of a toddler and ends in a mess of epic proportions. The nitty-gritty details hiding behind the scenes of every family, large or small.

Every family has their own “Ick-tionary,” a collection of words used to describe the indescribable. Here are the top five kiddie monstrosities we’ve discovered in our home. Go ahead and laugh with us or at us–we all know it’s going on in your home as well.

Let’s pull back the curtains on those legendary childhood memory moments to expose the mess left behind…

Ick-tionary of Epic Messes

Solution: Clorox 2® Stain Fighter
The “let’s not call it a mess and hamper their creative spirit, yet we’ve got to clean this up” mess. What looks right in the mind of a five-year-old doesn’t always mesh with your interior design sensibilities. Praise ’em now, bust out the Clorox later!

ick-tionary of epic messes

Solution: Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes
The mess every childhood is defined by. We’re not talking about drawing on walls here–this mess is so epic that it often can’t even be retold in good taste. Bodily fluids, garbage finds…everything’s fair game. Memory blocking aside, all you parents out there know exactly what we’re talking about.

Ick-tionary of Epic Messes

Solution: Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner
A perfect photo op, but heck to pay when cleanup time rolls around. This mess is even better when it involves expensive outfits purchased by grandma and heirloom tablecloths at a family gathering. Why does marinara always have to be involved?

Ick-tionary of Epic Messes
Solution: Clorox® ToiletWand System
The toilet in our half bath–the one used by guests, of course–ceased being functional after the arrival of our youngest, Noah. Every flat-rate visit by the plumber yields a new discovery: the legs from his sister’s Barbie doll, a toothbrush flushed in a moment of desperation, jewelry from a milestone anniversary…

It’s not as if he’s alone in this–my other two boys decided to spray-paint their toilet gold in what must’ve been an attempt to more accurately represent what some call the “throne.”

Long before they use the bathroom for its actual purpose, just about every child will designate the toilet as their cauldron for sordid experiments.

Sure, we’ll all share a laugh recalling these moments at future weddings and family gatherings. In the meantime there’s Clorox, the unsung hero that’s been cleaning up messes left behind by childhood productions for generations.

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