Iconic Toy Tram

Iconic Toy Tram by Make Me Iconic wooden toy train Iconic Toy Tram by Make Me Iconic Iconic Toy Tram by Make Me Iconic

This irresistible wooden tram from Make Me Iconic is a replica of the classic W-class Melbourne tram. It comes complete with 12 wooden passengers and 2 uniformed tram conductors with their own little cabins at each end of the tram.


  • I think I just found the perfect toy (not for my baby, for me!) These trams bring back so many memories of hot, summer days with school dresses sticking to legs, tram conductors and chewing gum.

  • Been seeing this guy around. Reminds me so much of the Creative Playthings trucks + such I had. They were big enough to ride on and so perfectly simple in design. We found two for our son + we sometimes see them on eBay still.

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