Indian Corn Necklaces 

Indian Corn Necklaces 

Indian corn is synonymous with Thanksgiving. Each kernel is a jewel. A few easy steps turns ears of corn into accessories!

We absolutely love Indian corn. The Thanksgiving staple has captured our attention for as long as we can remember. Every ear provides dozens of tiny gems saturated in glorious warm tones. Each slightly different but equally as stunning. This year our family is not only going to admire it as the cornerstone to every awesome cornucopia centerpiece there ever was, we’re going to wear it too!

Indian Corn Necklaces 

The colorful variety of maize otherwise known as flint corn packs considerable more starch per kernel than sweet corn. This makes it less prone to spoil and therefore perfect for seasonal decor and jewelry.

what you need:

Indian Corn Necklaces 
  • Indian corn
  • Embroidery floss
  • Craft needle
  • Pot
  • Scissors


Step 1 

Fill a large pot halfway with water and bring to boil. Place 1-4 ears of Indian corn into water and boil for 30 minutes. Turn stove off and let corn cool to the touch.

Step 2
Remove kernels from cob and place in small bowl. Thread needle with embroidery floss.

Step 3 
Pierce each kernel with needle and thread onto embroidery floss. String as many kernels as you would like and to desired length. You can knot between each kernel for another fun look.

Indian Corn Necklaces 

We had so much fun crafting these Indian corn necklaces that we might just have to make it a tradition and do it every year!

Indian Corn Necklaces 

Traditions are one of the cornerstones of Thanksgiving, whether it’s wearing a special jersey for game day luck or breaking the wish bone, they tighten the bond shared between family. A special tradition our family shared growing up is sharing a list of Thanksgiving facts to better understand the history as well as learn fun trivia about the holiday. It’s always a fun and exciting activity that we all look forward to!

Printable Thanksgiving Fun

Whether you’re looking for a new way to engage your family over the Thanksgiving turkey or add a new activity for the kids table, facts and jokes act as a fun way to spark conversation. Download the printable here – it’s a sure fire way to bring some laughter to the dinner table!

From our dining room table to yours, happy Thanksgiving!