Inspired Kitchen Fun

Ice Cream Cone Rollers by Herriott Grace

Handmade Ice Cream Cone Rollers
Available from Herriott Grace

Sweet Pony Cookie Cutter

Sweet Pony Rocking Cookie Cutter
Available from Animi Causa

DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish

DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish
Visit Three Little Monkeys Studio for the tutorial

The Fifty United Plates - one nation, out of clay

The Fifty United Plates
One nation, out of clay, by Corbe Company

Nimbostratus - a spoon rest (via Etsy)

Nimbostratus, A Spoon Rest
Available from Clay Opera on Etsy

Diamond Cookie Cutter (via Etsy)

Diamond Cookie Cutter
Available from Printmeneer on Etsy