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Instagram Crush: Tintading

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you’ll know how much I love wooden toys. I enjoy collecting vintage playthings, and my children have been lucky to have access to some really cool designs over the past eighteen years. However, if I had to pick one favorite for all three of them, it would definitely be Kapla. We’ve had the same huge box of pine building blocks since my eldest was at playschool, and whenever the kids get bored, out they come for another session of construction work.

When I first came across Tinta Luhrman’s Instagram feed, I had to smile at her super Kapla-type installations, so reminiscent of my own children’s tireless creativity. As I scrolled down to discover more, I fell in love with this talented Dutch mom’s graphic eye, imagination and desire to inspire. I’m intrigued, eager to see more, and, as I’m sure you’ll all appreciate, genuinely pleased to see someone having a bit of fun online.

Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Coolest first day of school photo ever (via Tintading on Instagram)

A lot of Tinta’s pics feature her young daughter Dieuwertje. After studying art then embarking on a career in the corporate world, Tinta realized that she’d gone down the wrong route and needed to find her creative self again. She quit her job and started to focus on her family, interior design and her own new business. Her daughter is a constant source of inspiration, and I think her photos are a joy to see, especially this one above taken on Dieuwertje’s first day of school.

Instagram Crush: Tintading

A big dose of Tintading imagination and you’ve got a friend for life!

Instagram Crush: Tintading

It’s fairly apparent that Tinta has a gift for visual display. She now works in visual merchandising, styling events such as award shows and galas. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, picking up ideas in second-hand shops, her home, nature, anywhere and everywhere, in fact. I love the way she incorporates vintage finds and ordinary, everyday objects into her images.

Instagram Crush: Tintading

Love Tintading’s playful, graphic style!

Instagram Crush: Tintading

The Tintading Instagram feed is playful and stimulating (I bet you feel tempted to have a go at creating your own installations after a while!). Tinta is a talented scenographer, who has developed her own amusing style – indeed the name Tintading (Tint a ding) comes from the idea of Tinta doing her own thing, a “Tinta Thing“– and I’d love to see a collection of her refreshing images in book form some day. In the meantime, I shall enjoy snippets of her everyday life in a beautiful, light-filled home, and hopefully have encouraged you to take a peek into her creative world as well.

Definitely one to follow. Thanks for the heads-up Ta Ta!

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  • Oooh I love this! It’s great when people incorporate objects that you wouldn’t expect. I will definitely follow her on IG

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