Take A Peek Inside The Socialite Family Home

fun kid's room via the socialite family

A quick word of warning: if you love creative family spaces, you’ll lose hours inside The Socialite Family website. Former fashion journalist and art buyer Constance Gennari let’s you peek inside chic family homes across the globe as she photographs the gorgeous interiors and interviews the families living inside.

Here are a few of our favorites from the site…

flying trapeze in the living room of oeuf founder sophie demenge's brooklyn home

Sophie Demenge, Michael Ryan, Mae (age 11), and Marius (age 9)
Location: Brooklyn, New York (view the tour)

amazing kid's room in interior designer isabelle juy's paris apartment

Isabelle Juy, Mathieu Lott, and Arsene (age 4)
Location: Paris, France (view the tour)

amazing family home in paris

Juliette & Tomas Erel, Anne (age 18), Nemo (age 16), Jules (age 4), and Leon (age 2)
Location: Paris, France (view the tour)

creative family apartment in paris

Constance Verluca, Adele (age 11), and Gloria (age 9)
Location: Paris, France (view the tour)

great kid's room

Anne Millet, Reina (age 6), and Niels (age 4)
Location: Nantes, France (view the tour)

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