DIY Baby Seal Cake

How To Make A Seal Cake

Make this seriously adorable baby seal cake in no time flat. It’s a fun dessert to serve at an Arctic explorers–themed birthday party or for any animal lover! (P.S., No seals were harmed in the making of this cake.)

How To Make A Seal Cake

What You Need

  • A baked and cooled single layer cake
  • 2 cups of vanilla buttercream or 1 can of frosting
  • 2 cups of finely shredded white coconut
  • An offset metal spatula or knife
  • A 4-inch ball of black fondant
How To Make A Seal Cake

Step 1
Place your baked and cooled cake on a cake board or cake plate. I used a single layer cake and leveled the top with a serrated knife. Though, leaving the rounded dome top on the baked cake would also make a nice seal face!

How To Make A Seal Cake

Step 2
Cover the entire cake with a thick layer of creamy frosting.

How To Make A Seal Cake

Step 3
Using clean hands, scoop up the shredded coconut and place it right on top of the frosting, lightly patting it in to adhere. Cover the entire top and sides of your cake with shredded coconut. Tap away the excess coconut.

How To Make A Seal Cake

Step 4
Using the black fondant, make two black round ball eyes by rolling the fondant between your palms. Use a touch of cornstarch to avoid stickiness. Make a round oval shape for the nose and long skinny snake-like pieces for the whiskers. (You can also use black Jujubes and shoestring licorice instead!)

Serve this cute and simple seal cake with Swedish Fish candies and tuna nigiri sushi! What other treats would you serve during an Arctic explorers party? Maybe little bowls of sauerkraut and lemon slices to stave off scurvy! A funny idea but the kids might prefer candy.

Happy decorating!


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