Mean Stinks!

Gang Up for Good

Bullying and name-calling is an issue everyone can relate to. Here’s your chance to do something about it by helping Secret Mean Stinks stop girl-to-girl bullying and instead “Gang Up for Good”!

No one likes to be made fun of, especially a young girl just entering her teenage years. I can remember moving from my hometown in Michigan to Atlanta when I was 14 years old, basically moving to another planet as far as I was concerned. I went from a small Catholic school with a few hundred students to gigantic monolith filled with thousands. Granted, I wasn’t exactly alone with my twin sister by my side, but I was far removed from my close group of friends back at home.

Things weren’t so bad in the beginning. I set up a little side business selling candy and the huge school offered a seemingly endless supply of customers. I was happy staying under the radar and making some cash. Little did I know the worst day of my high school life was right around the corner.

I was minding my Ps and Qs in home ec. class one day when I heard snickering from all over the room. The laughter got louder and louder, and pretty soon the entire class was looking at me. Did I have something on my face? Was I drooling or something? None of the above–I had a very nasty note stuck to the back of my shirt, a note so distasteful that I wouldn’t dare repeat it. I can remember leaving the classroom that afternoon in tears.

I know there were a few nice kids in the class that were probably afraid to say anything. I didn’t blame them for not sticking up for me and likely would’ve done the same thing myself at the time.  How I would’ve loved a “mean stinks” campaign back then, to see blue pinkies uniting and sticking up for me!

Here’s how to take the Mean Stinks pinky swear:

  • Paint your pinky nails blue, the color of peace.
  • Find your most fearless friend.
  • Pinky swear that you’ll step-up to help end the drama in your school.

Join me in the movement to stop girl-to-girl bullying by taking the Mean Stinks pinky swear in a show of peace and solidarity. Thousands of girls have done so already!

Stop bullying and instead “Gang Up for Good” by joining the Secret Mean Stinks movement on Facebook & Twitter! You can also find tons of great advice and tools at, ready to inform and inspire when girls need to stand-up to man and instead spread niceness.