Giant Ruler Growth Chart

measureme stick measureme stick

Don’t draw on the walls! Just pick up the MeasureMe Stick, a playful take on the traditional ruler that you can use as a growth chart for your child. Made from bamboo (and includes the cool steel pegs for hanging).

This would be a great way to use the 6 ft. vintage Westcott ruler that I’ve had for years, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before (I’m not sure how I ended up with it in the first place).


  • That is a cute idea. I will of course keep abusing my walls with marks. I also love the dress of that little girl in the picture. I would love it for my girls. I enjoy this blog so much, great job!

  • Rachel these are so cute! Would look great in my kid's room.
    Thank you for the link – will go there now!

    xx Charlotta

    P.s. How are you my dear? Last time we chatted you were in labour!! Still in awe that you would be able to hold a conversation at that time.. :) How is the newest addition to the family? Love C xx

  • I will be ordering one of these! I was just thinking I needed a growth chart for my boys instead of the wall. Thanks so much. Love your site.

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