Meet The Family Craft Challenge Finalists!

Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge Finalists (vote for your favorite project!)

It wasn’t easy, but our judges have finally chosen the five finalists in the Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge. Now it’s your turn to vote for your favorite project and decide who wins over $1,000 in craft supplies & tools to stock their studio!

Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge: Meet The Judges

The Handmade Charlotte Family Craft Challenge judges (in alphabetical order): Jessica Bailey (Party Stylist, Evite), Jessie Bandy (Marketing Associate, Tea Collection), Ali DeJohn (Founder, The Makerie), Rachelle Francey (Founder, Kenziepoo), Jan Halvarson (Co-Founder, Poppytalk), Debbie Henley (VP Marketing, Plaid Enterprises), Mallie Lanham (Community Manager, Cricut), Ez Pudewa (Founder, Creature Comforts), Paula Puleo (Chief Marketing Officer, Michaels Stores), Sarah Reisert (Community Manager, The Honest Company), Ed Roth (Founder, Stencil1), Gabrielle Blair (Founder, Design Mom)

Contest Recap
A little over a month ago, we challenged our readers to create an original craft project using our new line of stencils (available at Michaels Stores) for a chance to win one of three seriously loaded prize packages. To say we were unprepared for the quality level of the projects we received would be a major understatement. You guys are seriously talented! You definitely didn’t make the job easy for our judges:)

Who wins? You decide!
Now it’s up to all of you to decide who wins. Simply choose your favorite project from the five listed below and cast your vote in the comments (only vote once!). We’ll announce the winners of the Grand Prize, First Runner-Up Prize, and Second Runner-Up Prize on Thursday, October 17th (see the complete list of prizes here).

The winners have been chosen—click here to see the results!

Without further adieu, here are the finalists…

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Hand-Sewn Stenciled Planters (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 1: Hand-Sewn Stenciled Planters
Project by Sarah Lodato

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Nature Art Kit (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 2: Nature Art Kit
Project by Julie Arnold

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Felt Badges (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 3: Felt Badges
Project by Nicole Henken

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Stenciled Map Print (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 4: Stenciled Map Print
Project by Bonnie Rush

Family Craft Challenge Finalist: Leather Gift Tag (vote for your favorite project!)

No. 5: Leather Gift Tag
Project by Ashley Rush

A big thanks to all of you who entered the contest and best of luck to the finalists!


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