Natural Art Supplies for Kids

Drawing Desk for Kids from Imagine Childhood

Here’s a collection of natural art supplies and drawing gear to fuel your child’s imagination.

Drawing Desk for Kids from Imagine Childhood

This solid maple drawing desk is all your child needs for an afternoon of imaginative fun. The basic appearance belies innovative features like a built-in safe paper cutter, a green chalkboard ready for the moment inspiration strikes, and removable wooden feet for a more comfortable drawing angle.  Available for $29.95 at Imagine Childhood.

Tabletop Paper Holder with Cutter from Imagination Childhood

This tabletop paper holder / cutter should be a standard fixture in every family home. Well worth the $18 price! Available at Imagine Childhood.

Fantastic Natural Drawing Mediums for Kids from Imagination Childhood

Of course, your child will need a drawing medium as well. Any of these natural art supplies from Imagine Childhood would fit the bill: Mercurius blackboard chalk, Artemis Plant Dyed Color Crayons, Artemis Plant Dyed Color Pencils, or Natural Charcoal Pencils.


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