A New Reason to Play with Your Food

KOM Ceramics - Tableware for Children

It’s hard to keep a smile off your face while browsing KOM’s online shop. The Argentina-based company creates playful home goods that are made locally, using environmentally and socially responsible materials and processes. Ceramics, textiles, furniture, office supplies, clothing – they make it all, and boy is it adorable!

Silvestre Monkey Ceramic Set
Monkey Set, $38.95 (ceramic plate, place mat, wooden spoon)

We especially fell in love with their line of animal-inspired plate sets. Each one is a piece of art! There are six friendly faces to choose from – our personal favorites are the thoughtful frog, the cheerful monkey, and of course the bright yellow jaguar. Each set comes with an illustrated rainforest placemat and a mini wooden spoon – all together, they are so bright and fun that your kids will surely be coming up with wild adventures and playing with their food.

Jaguar Ceramic Set for Kids by KOM
Jaguar Set, $38.95 (ceramic plate, place mat, wooden spoon)

And an added bonus: all of KOM’s ceramics and pottery are both dishwasher and microwave safe! No need to change your food prep routine to fit these guys in. :)

Owl Ceramic Dinnerware Set for Kids
Owl Set, $38.95 (ceramic plate, place mat, wooden spoon)

KOM also makes some simpler animal-inspired ceramic pieces. Their cups and bowls are less colorful than their plate sets, using mostly black and gold accents for a more minimalist feel. Wouldn’t these be perfect for a jungle-themed party? Drink tea from your favorite animal cup or why not serve corresponding snacks in the bowls: peanuts in the elephant, banana bites in the monkey, and honey flavored cookies in the bear bowl!

Elephant Ceramic Cup by KOM
Elephant Cup, $13
Elephant Teapot by KOM
Elephant Teapot, $64

We love all the attention to detail, especially on their night lights. The gold touches add some fun for the daytime hours, but once illuminated at night, all the focus is on this jaguar’s happy face and the fern design that you can see just peeking around his back.

Jaguar Night Light by KOM
Jaguar Night Light, $171

And how could we not include this beautiful wooden crib? The aqua fabric along the side is one of KOM’s handprinted textiles – we love it! They also sell some of their textiles by the yard, so you can sew up some matching accessories for a super sweet nursery.

Cuna Crib by KOM
Cuna Crib, $1021

And last but certainly not least, meet Mr. Jar! He’s just a few inches tall and is such a happy little fellow – I bet he’d be just tickled to share his snacks with your kids!

Mr. Jar by KOM
Mr. Jar, $27

We love all of KOM’s designs and products, and always welcome a whimsical spin on everyday items. Visit KOM’s online shop for more!