Paint Your Party with Waverly


Paint Your Party with Waverly

Did you see our sneak peak of the recent party we hosted in collaboration with Waverly Inspirations and stylist Annette Joseph? We’re so pleased to be sharing even more details of how we brought our nature-themed party to life using the most amazing colors from Waverly ® Inspirations Super Premium Semi-Gloss Acrylic Paints. These gorgeous, glossy paints are multi-surface and work flawlessly both indoors and outdoors. With 50+ shades to chose from, it was no easy feat to decide on a color scheme.

Paint Your Party with Waverly

Since we decided that our nature-themed party would showcase an almost entirely green color palette, it was clear that our table scape should focus on leaves and greenery of all shapes and sizes. We made two types of faux leaves: brush-stroked leaves & stenciled leaves.


To make the brush-stroked leaves, we laid out several pieces of parchment paper and used a paintbrush to roughly apply Waverly Inspirations super premium semi-gloss acrylic paint in several different greens, including the same evergreen shade we used on our front door. Using these rough, horizontal strokes to apply the paint leaves behind visible brush strokes is the perfect way to add texture and imitate real leaves! Once the parchment dried completely, we used scissors to cut out tear drop shaped leaves in various sizes. Next, we folded each leaf down the center to form a crease, and then gently twisted one end to form a little stem.

To make the stenciled leaves, you can start by applying paint in rough horizontal brush strokes (just like with the previous leaves) as a base coat, or use blank parchment for a simpler look. If using a base coat, let dry before continuing. Tape a fern-shaped stencil onto your parchment and use a stencil brush to apply a contrasting green paint in a vertical dabbing-like motion to prevent any paint from bleeding under the stencil. When done, carefully remove the stencil and let the remaining fern shape dry before cutting and folding the parchment as described above.


These leaves are so versatile when styling a table – they can be used to add texture, interest, and color in so many ways! Annette Joseph, stylist extraordinaire, not only put them to work as part of the center piece, but also as drinking straw decor for her homemade sangria!

For the place cards, select smaller brush stroked leaves and use a pen or marker to write your guests’ names onto the leaves. Don’t want to assign seating at your party? No worries, just use blank leaves to style the place settings. We used simple white dishes when setting the table – this let the all the greenery and fabric take the center stage!


Waverly Inspirations super premium semi-gloss acrylic paint adheres to almost anything (wood, glass, paper mache, terra cotta, and plastic to name a few) so it was a piece of cake to add even more green to our table to make it really pop! *Note: this paint cannot be put in the dishwasher, so be gentle when hand-washing! If you aren’t quite ready to put your stencil away yet, don’t worry, neither were we! We used our favorite fern stencil from before to add a touch of nature to our glass jar.


Use the same technique as before to paint this lovely green fern onto your jar: tape the stencil down to keep it locked into place as you work and use a stenciling brush to apply the paint in an up-and-down dabbing motion. This along with not overloading your brush with paint will help prevent any bleeding under the stencil.

We also applied a quick coat of fern green paint onto these woven straw cup holders. Once dry, we styled them with drinking glass inside each one – the natural texture of the straw combined with the green paint was perfectly suited for our nature-infused party.

image-10 Paint Your Party with Waverly

We had the best time creating the ultimate nature-inspired party! With a bright color palette, a few creative ideas, and the perfect set of paints it wasn’t hard to create a simple and affordable party that we hope our guests will remember for a long time – we know we will! We can’t wait to throw another color-filled party again soon :)


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