Painted Rock Garden

Painted Rock Garden

Today we’re sharing our third and final painted rock video for the summer: this lovely painted rock garden! We were inspired by retro floral patterns from the 1960s as well as more modern prints from designers like Marimekko. Do a quick image search and you’re bound to end up scrolling for ages admiring all the floral shapes and designs. As before, these painted rocks were made to be mixed, matched, and moved around. They’re a super fun activity for kids to play with inside or outside, and you can even attach magnets on the back and arrange them on your fridge! Or how about setting them up in your garden We’ve had so much fun dreaming up and creating this little mini-series – in case you missed them, make sure to check out this painted rock neighborhood and these painted rock faces in the archives.

what you need:


Painted Rock Garden

Step 1
Grab a handful of rocks! If there are coming in from outside, you’ll want to give them a good wash and dry to make sure they’re nice and clean before getting started. You can also find rocks for sale at the craft or dollar store and those will be ready to go – that’s where we got these smooth dark ones.

Once your rocks are clean and dry, spread them out on your work surface and arrange them into mini rows vertically. This is a rough idea of what your painted garden will look like – you can of course mix and match, but laying everything out first will give you an idea of what to paint and if you have enough rocks.

We started by painting green stems with leaves on about eight rocks. Get creative and try different leaf shapes and designs.

Painted Rock Garden

Step 2
And it wouldn’t be a garden without blooms, would it? Next, we painted flowers onto about six rocks. We used a handful of colors and a few simple flower shapes – take a look at retro floral patterns from the 60s or Marimekko prints for awesome inspiration. You can even add a little flower bud onto a stem if you want! When you’re done painting, let the rocks dry completely.

Step 3
Apply a coat of Mod Podge onto each rock to seal them in and give them a nice finish. Let dry and voila!

Painted Rock Garden

Photo and video by Caroline Gravino
Creative direction by Handmade Charlotte

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