Colorful & Modern Play Carpets for Kids

Origami-inspired Zip Rugs by Mut Design Studio

A few years ago, I came across a collection of outstanding carpet-puzzles made in Poland. It was love at first sight. I’m a big fan of Eastern European toys and children’s furniture, and I especially love the way these young designers incorporate traditional folk crafts, patterns, and materials into their work.

Rooster Carpet by Agnieszka Czop & Joanna Rusin

Rooster Carpet by Agnieszka Czop & Joanna Rusin
Available for $865 from So Polish.

Cars Carpet by Agnieszka Czop & Joanna Rusin

Cars Carpet by Agnieszka Czop & Joanna Rusin
Available for $579 from So Polish.

These modern wool felt carpets by Agnieska Czop & Joanna Rusins are innovative, original, and fun. I can easily imagine my kids spending hours playing with the giant fabric puzzles. I would be quite happy just looking at them!

Felt Game Pouf by Dam!Design

Felt Game Poufs
Available from Dam!Design.

Board Game Carpet for Kids from Dam!Design on Etsy

Board Game Carpet
Available from Dam!Design.

Board Game Pouf by Dam!Design on Etsy

Game Pouf 002
Available for $113 from Dam!Design on Etsy.

I’m equally smitten by this collection from Dam!Design. Created by a group of designers from Wroclow with a passion for Polish art, the playful products combine aesthetics and functionality, serving as both furniture and toys.

In addition to a small range of felt board games and larger carpet-puzzles, they offer a collection of  clever game-poufs, each designed to stimulate a child’s imagination through play. Dam!Design strives to create products that will appeal to young and old alike, hopefully encouraging family and friends to join in the fun, too!

Each pouf is handmade from wooden panels, stitched felt, and magnetic paint, and includes a number of games like checkers, noughts & crosses , and tangram. The game pieces are made from corrugated cardboard and felt, packaged separately in bags that can be stored inside the chest along with other little treasures.

Dam!Design’s products are available on both Dawanda and Etsy. You can keep up-to-date with the latest news on their Facebook page. One to bookmark, for sure. Love!

Pictured at top of post: origami-inspired Zip Rugs by Mut Design Studio.


  • I love the BIG felt carpets; so many fun things one can make with felt. Love that a lot of felt I find in the fabric/craft stores is made from recycled plastic! Very cool!

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