Pucker Up with 6 Citrus Crafts

DIY Fruit Pom Poms

There is nothing better in the summer than all of the fresh fruit just waiting to be plucked, squeezed, and loved to death. I keep looking at our apple tree just willing those apples to grow bigger and ripen faster! It seems only fitting to honor one of the most loved summer fruits—the face-puckering lemon—with a collection of DIYs worthy of its sunshine-y flavor.

You can get crafty with pom poms, make candles with those leftover lemons from your lemonade, or even prep the world’s best lemonade stand with some printable banners. The one I’m most curious about, however, is the invisible ink project. I think some secret messages are in my immediate future.

DIY Fruit Welcome Mats

Fruit Welcome Mats
See the tutorial at The House that Lars Built Welcome Mats

Our welcome mat is sorely in need of an update. These fruity versions are the perfect pick me up for your front door. Heck, I’d love one in front of the kitchen sink too.

DIY nvisible Lemon Juice Ink

Invisible Ink with Lemon Juice
See the tutorial at Mini Eco

I had no idea making invisible ink was this simple! I can’t wait to try this little experiment at home with my girl. I think a blowdryer would be the perfect heat source to use too.

DIY Citrus Swaddle Blankets

Citrus Baby Shower Swaddle Blankets
See the tutorial via Say Yes

I love this theme for a baby shower—it’s so fresh and clean. And these quick blankets could be a fun project for guests to complete while they’re there.

DIY Citrus Paper Crafts

Lemon and Orange Paper Crafts
See the tutorial via Buggy and Buddy

Here’s a quick way to make some sweet decorations, simply fold a bunch of paper fans and put them together—I know the picture is of an orange, but lemons and limes (and apples!) would work too!

DIY Lemon Candles

Lemon Candles
See the tutorial via Martha Stewart

Next time you make lemonade (or any old time you use a lemon!) make sure you save the peels, melt some beeswax, and voila! Instant all-natural candles. Lemon is such a refreshing smell—these sound absolutely lovely!

Pictured at the top of this post: Pom Pom Fruits, see the tutorial at Mr. Printables.