Put a Bird on It

My daughter is now old enough that she can fill our bird feeders on her own – which means the birds are finally getting fed at our house (because I always forget!). Yesterday the birds were so excited for food they were flitting around the trees while she poured out the seed. Then we got out her bird book and tried to identify them – it’s harder than you’d think!

Luckily, these bird DIYs don’t need to be identified. We can simply enjoy their bright colors and great materials. I’m suddenly itching to go thrifting so we can find some glass globes for the bird feeder DIY! And, I’m not gonna lie, I’m really wanting to make a full set of felt birds so that they can dance to Thriller along my mantle just like that photo at top! These are perfect for some fun Easter decorations, so let’s get going!

DIY Painted Owl Rocks
Painted Owl Rocks
see tutorial at Belle Isle Art

Painted rocks are such a perfect combination of nature and craftiness – what better thing to paint on them than nature’s winged wonders? She even has some bluebirds and cardinals if you click through to her site.

Paper Feather Headbands
Feather Headbands
see tutorial at Mer Mag

Dress up to match our feathery friends outside with some easy paper headbands. I love the look of all that black and white together!

DIY Outdoor Orb Bird Feeders
Outdoor Orbs Bird Feeders
see tutorial at The Art of Doing Stuff

Bird feeders can be so humdrum – they all look exactly the same at the hardware store. So make your own mid-century gems like these DIY orbs instead. I have a dream of fillling an entire forest with them!

Egg Carton Bird Masks
Egg Carton Bird Masks
see tutorial at Sweet Paul

I am continually amazed at the cool things that can come from something simple like egg cartons. These bright colors and layered feathers are fabulous!

Cut Paper Birds
Cut Paper Birds
see tutorial at Lia Griffith

The curved lines and detailed layers of these beautiful paper birds have me absolutely fascinated. There’s a great video to help you get things going.

Pictured at top: Felt Birds (dancing to Thriller!), see the tutorial at Myrtle & Eunice.