Rainbow Slushies

Rainbow Slushies

Don’t rely on the ice cream truck driving by to get a slushie, make your own at home! In today’s post, we teamed up with Monica of Lavin Label and put together this thirst-quenching rainbow slushie for those long, hot days of summer that are just around the corner. We don’t think it’s possible to look at a rainbow and not be happy, so we used all the colors and flavors in this tasty DIY treat.

Rainbow Slushies

For these slushies, we layered six different flavors of Gatorade to make what, in our opinion, is a rainbow masterpiece. These are easy to prep ahead of time and keep in your freezer for any slushie emergencies. :) Plus, if your kids have a bit of extra energy, make sure to have them help you smash up the ice with a kitchen mallet! Keep reading to see exactly how to make your very own slushies this summer.

Rainbow Slushies

What you need

Rainbow Slushies
  • Gatorade (in rainbow colors)
  • Plastic jars
  • Hammer/mallet
  • Plastic zip pouches
  • Straws


Step 1
Fill each plastic jar with a different flavor of Gatorade and put in the freezer until frozen completely.

Rainbow Slushies

Step 2
Lay down a tea towel over your work surface and use a hammer or mallet to break up the frozen Gatorade.

Step 3
Spoon a little bit of each crushed color into the zip pouches, layering the crushed ice in rainbow order. When all the colors are in, stick in a straw and enjoy!

Rainbow SlushiesRainbow Slushies Rainbow Slushies

Photography: Kelli Boyd Photography
Charlotte’s Clothing: Crescent Moon Children 

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