Rainbow Snow Globe Charms

Rainbow Snow Globe Charms
Capture a rainbow and give it to a friend to brighten their day! These charms aren’t exactly snow globes since there isn’t any snow or confetti inside, but they’re also not quite dioramas either. The transparent dome really made me think of snow globes though so I thought why not? You could 100% add confetti or glitter to these if you wanted but I suspect over time any loose bits inside might get caught in the cotton ball clouds. If you used silver glitter, the clouds would have a silver lining! I found these disposable wine glasses in my craft stash and thought they would be the perfect cover for these snow globe charms. Any clear plastic cup will do – you can always poke a hole into the top to add a loop or handle. These little guys are so cheerful, I want to hang them on all the hooks I can find around the house. Make a bunch to string onto a garland, hang a few together as a mobile, or loop them around door handles and kitchen cupboard knobs. They’re sure to put a smile on your face when you spot them!
Rainbow Snow Globe Charms

what you need:

  • Plastic wine glasses (bottom stems not needed)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Cotton balls
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White tacky glue
  • Cardstock
  • Scrap foam pieces


Step 1
Start by cutting a piece of foam into a small rectangle about 1/2″ wide and long enough that it fits snugly inside the wine glass about a third of the way up. I used some white foam that I saved from some packaging – if you don’t have any foam on hand, you can use corrugated cardboard instead.
Rainbow Snow Globe Charms
Step 2
Bend pink, yellow, and blue (or whatever three colors you like best!) into arches and poke the ends of each into the foam rectangle to keep them in their nice round rainbow shape. Pull the excess pipe cleaner ends through the bottom of the foam and trim as needed so that they’re secure and only small bits of pipe cleaner are visible on the bottom side. (If you’re using cardboard instead of foam here, you may need to use a craft knife to pre-poke holes before sticking the pipe cleaners in.)
Rainbow Snow Globe Charms
Step 3
Gently unwind a cotton ball so that it’s long and wispy. Tear a bit off and wrap it around the foam rainbow base to hide it. I didn’t end up having to use any glue here to secure it since the cotton ball sticks to itself a bit as you wrap it, but feel free to apply small dabs of white glue if needed to make sure it stays in place.
Step 4
Slide the rainbow up into the wine glass dome. It should fit nice and snugly! Do a few test shakes – if it stays put really well, you can leave it as-is, but you can also sneak a few more dabs of white glue (or hot glue if you prefer) onto the cloud base to secure it to the sides of the wine glass.
Step 5
Trace the wine glass onto a piece of blue cardstock and cut out. Apply a super thin line of white glue along the rim of the wine glass and then press onto the cardstock circle to secure in place.
Step 6
To add a little handle to the top, wrap a pipe cleaner (or ribbon or cord) around the top stem of the wine glass and tie a loop. Use glue to secure in place if needed.
Rainbow Snow Globe CharmsRainbow Snow Globe Charms
Happy crafting!