Nimble Cargo Scooters

Meet the future of around-town transit: The Nimble Scooter. Solving the age-old problem of having only two hands, but a million places to go, Nimble Scooters combine the best parts of an everyday bicycle and a commercial cargo jet, rolling them into one brilliant concept and a new way to scoot your loot.

Nimble Scooter
The Nimble is the brainchild of a team of engineers + designers + creative minds with the collective goal of getting you where you need to go stylishly, efficiently, and most importantly, in the most fun way possible. The lightweight, waterproof bucket is perfect for carrying farmers’ market finds, picnic-in-the-park necessities, gym gear, books, toys. etc. Everything you’d ever need to take from point A to point Z without dropping anything around LMNOP.

True to its name, the Nimble is swift, maneuverable, and capable of coasting through crowded sidewalks. The bucket in front allows you to not only see where you’re going, but also to make sure your cargo isn’t going anywhere you’re not. My earlier “cargo jet” reference may have been a bit of a stretch, but made from the same aerospace materials used to build military airplanes, it’s not too far off. These guys can stand up to just about anything. Even your weekly grocery store odyssey.

Nimble Scooter
To give you an idea of the size, five Nimble scooters can fit into the same space as a single car. That’s one for each of my kids—which will really come in handy when they all reach driving age. Ok, that may take some convincing on their end, but it’s definitely something I can roll with.

Learn more about Nimble Scooters and where you can find them here.