8 Inspiring Shared Bedrooms for Kids

West Sussex Shared Kids' Room

Siblings will jump at the chance to bunk up together when they see these 8 inspiring shared spaces!

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to convince my husband of the benefits of shared rooms for the kids. I have to admit that one of my reasons is a little selfish, as we live in a small 3-bedroom apartment, and I would love an office/sewing room. But I also remember sharing a room with my sister when we were little and have fond memories of those days; we often laugh at how we used to fight and would put tape on the floors to delimit our spaces.

Actually, my kids are dreaming of sharing a room, so I’ve gathered some of my favorite shared bedrooms—hopefully to inspire my husband and a few of you, too!

Shared Kids' Room Via Mom Rocks

Brother-Sister Shared Bedroom
via Mom Rocks

I am in awe of this brother-and-sister shared bedroom. I Love all the white and the colorful accents. The details are all so sweet.

Singular Up and Down Beds

Up-And-Down Beds By Thomas Durner
available starting at about $2,200 from Thomas Durner

These Up-and-Down beds are just too cool! It’s a perfect setup for a shared room and can be used in a single room later too, how perfect?

Boat House Shared Kids' Room

Houseboat Rental Near Amsterdam
rentals available at $373 per night from Airbnb

Can you believe this room is in a boat house? I think it’s spectacular. You can actually rent this boat house as a vacation home if you are in Amsterdam.

Brazilian Kids' Shared Room

Adjacent Kids’ Beds
via Planete-Deco

Adjacent beds are a great option too, and I adore all the shades of green in this room. Perfect for boys and girls alike. This colorful house in Brazil is full of inspiration.

Shared Kids' Room

Small Shared Space
via A Cup Of Jo

This shared room is perfect for small apartments. I love the use of the space and all the little elements that make the room.

Shared Kids' Room In Colorado

Vintage-Inspired Shared Room
via Smile & Wave

If you love vintage as much as I do, you will appreciate all the details and whimsy in this room. Such a great boy/girl room with so much charm and character.

Sussex Shared Space

Pretty & Pink Adjacent Beds
via Bloesem Kids

Once again, the adjacent beds work so well. I love the girly color palette, just enough shades of pink to make everyone happy! And don’t you think every room should have a reading nook, even better if it’s a teepee!

Pictured at the top of this post: I love the natural wood in this shared room. Not too cluttered, just perfect. You can actually rent this gorgeous house for a vacation in West Sussex! Via Light Loca­tions

So how do you feel about shared rooms? Let me know in the comments section—I need all the possible arguments I can get to convince my stubborn husband!


  • These are all so lovely! Great inspiration for my kids’ room. Currently, the walls are a dreadful pale pink with a nice green accent wall (inherited from previous owners)…and lots of pink everywhere. That needs to change soon since…well…PINk and plus we have a boy in there now with his sis!

  • I too shared a room with my sister when growing up. I liked it best when we had bunk beds. The adjecnt beds are new to me but i love them. How great that some of these are in vacation homes—like the house boat for rent!

  • I have always shared a bedroom with my brothers. We each had our nook, but we also had each other. And now my four kids are happy sharing a room, they are 7y,5y,3y and 6 months old. Even me and my husband are in their room now, because we are renovating. It’s not big (4 by 4 meters, that’s about 13 by 13 feet) for 6 people, but it does the job. It even has all the kids clothes, most of their toys and all the bed linen in it. When our renovation is done we will have 3 and a half bedrooms (the half bedroom means that we will have three bedrooms, but one is quite large, has two doors, two windows and separate electricity,so we can divide it into two small rooms if need be.) but we plan to use the large room as shared room for our four kids, one 4 by 4 room as our bedroom, and the other 4 by 4 room as a sewing/Lego/reading room. My eldest calls it the ‘quiet room’, because he sometimes needs to get away from his siblings to just have some peace and quiet and play with his Lego without being disturbed. Unless you have heaps of space, it really makes sense to share a room for sleeping and use the other spaces for other activities. Tell your husband I said so.

  • I guess it’s a cultural thing. I live in Israel, where most kids share rooms. A typical apartment is 100 Square Meters, so it’s common. It’s considered normal and no explanations needed. My two sons share a room, and my daughter has her own room, and she feels slighted that she has to sleep alone…

    We have this bed for the boys:

  • Our girl room is shared and it serves as a guest room too,at leats ist big enough to do all that(20′ x 11′)

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