Mummy Surprise Ball Party Favors

DIY Mummy Surprise Ball Party Favors

Have you ever heard of a surprise ball? Did you know these guys have been around since the 1950’s? They were originally used to keep children busy. Plus who doesn’t secretly love the suspense involved when unrolling a treat filled party favor? Well, the concept just got mummified!

DIY Mummy Surprise Ball Party Favors

We’re working with Mavis from Hotel Transylvania on some cute crafts to feature on her blog. Have you met her yet? She’s a vampire mommy blogger, not a mummy blogger. (There’s a difference, you know.) Nevertheless, Murray the mummy was all about this craft. After all, he is the after-life of the party! Grab your materials, dust them off if they’ve been in the crafting sarcophagus, and let’s roll.

What You Need

DIY Mummy Surprise Ball Party Favors
  • Paper Cup
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Candy of your choice
  • Gauze
  • Googly eyes


DIY Mummy Surprise Ball Party Favors

Step 1
Using heavy duty scissors cut four even slats 2 inches deep into white 6 oz paper cup. Trim the rounded lip of cup off for easy folding. Fill cup with candy of choice. Fold in the slats to hold the candy in the cup. You can secure with a little bit of tape, but it’s not necessary!

DIY Mummy Surprise Ball Party Favors


Step 2
Using gauze purchased from any pharmacy or grocery store wrap the cups vertically and then horizontally. Every third layer add a swipe of Mod Podge to secure gauze and keep a nice round ball shape. Once you get to the end of the 1 yard of gauze it’s time to place the eyes. We glued the eyes on the front of the surprise ball and completed the project!

DIY Mummy Surprise Ball Party Favors

As a mummy, er, mom, I love any activity that involves a little work to “earn” the candy. This surprise ball is the perfect party favor for your halloween party! They are cute, a little spooky, but not too scary. Plus you could fill them with any type of candy or treat. And why even stop at candy? Why not throw in some little plastic toys or a bunch of puzzle pieces to put together? The options are endless! Don’t forget to check out Hotel Transylvania 2, which releases on September 25th! Can you say, “Here comes the party!?”

What will you put in your silly mummy surprise ball?


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