6 Fun Ways To Use Pressed Flowers


Spring flowers are popping up all over the place, and it seems like the perfect time to start thinking about ways to incorporate these new blooms into our favorite crafty pastimes. Plus, if we practice our flower pressing skills now, we’ll be pros when summer’s heavy hitters of the floral world make their debut.

We’ve always has our simple go-tos – like clear layers of contact paper or arranging them in picture frames — but these projects take it up a notch! I’d love to carry my favorite floral finds on my iPhone, for instance. Or something totally old-school like dried flowers on wood slabs. I love it all!

Pressed Flower iPhone Case
see tutorial on the Etsy Blog

What an amazing and original way to soften up your favorite piece of tech. I think I’d take flowers from my mother’s garden so that my favorite things and my favorite place would be with me at all times.

Exploded Flowers by Qi Wei Fung
see tutorial at Be A Fun Mum

Artist Qi Wei Fung makes fresh flowers into photographic works of art. But I love Be A Fun Mum’s take on it – making it into a fun exploration project to do with her kids. Take it one step further and use dried flowers, then frame them!

Dried Flower Pendant
see tutorial at Intimate Weddings

Make a pendant this summer and carry your little piece of sunshine with you all through the winter! I love the beautiful bright backgrounds on these — feels like the perfect blue sky.

Pressed Rose Petal Tray
see tutorial at Say Yes

First of all, what breathtaking photos. And the project is awesome, too! I love that it allows you to create something that you can use day in and day out, versus something that stays static on your wall. How wonderful would these be at an afternoon tea?

Microwave Pressing Flowers
see tutorial at Martha Stewart

Pressing flowers can be very straight forward – a thick book, some tissue paper or paper towels, and your favorite blooms. But did you know you can speed it up with a microwave? Learn some tips from this expert’s how-to.

Pictured at top: Dried Flower Coasters, see tutorial at The Crafted Life.