A Sneak Peek into an Embroidery Artist’s Studio

Talk about an inspiring and beautiful place to get creative! Tamar Nahir Yanai is an illustrator, embroidery artist, and mother of two who is lucky enough to call this studio hers. Based in Israel, Tamar has been illustrating children’s books for several years and more recently has jumped into the wonderful world of embroidery. Tamar describes her work as “naïve, dreamy, yet they always evoke deep internal emotion.” These beautiful line drawings grace the covers of notebooks, cards, tote bags, posters, and of course ready to use embroidery kits too!
A Sneak Peak into an Embroidery Artist's Studio
We’re so glad to have had a chance to catch up with Tamar, take a virtual tour around her lovely studio, and chat about her work. Keep reading to hear more from Tamar and learn about her tips and tricks for those new to embroidery!
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A Sneak Peak into an Embroidery Artist's Studio
How did you first get into illustration and embroidery? 
After six years as a graphic designer, I’ve decided to follow my dream and started illustrating children’s books.
As a side project, I began creating drawings of my two daughters, which slowly evolved into my product line. In 2011 I opened an Etsy shop and started selling my postcards and prints. My fascination with embroidery started as a response to client requests. I used to participate in fairs and would get lots of direct customer feedback – that’s how I learned that people wanted a design that was already printed on fabric, and better yet, part of a full kit with instructions, needles, and thread, so they could dive right in.
A Sneak Peak into an Embroidery Artist's Studio
What are your favorite arts and crafts to work on with your kids?
Both my daughters love to draw so I enjoy seeing their progress and try to help with tips from time to time but since they’re teenagers they don’t always listen :) My older daughter has recently started printing her drawings on T-Shirts and thinking of opening her own business.
A Sneak Peak into an Embroidery Artist's Studio
Tell us about your studio! How has it changed over your time as an artist? 
After my second daughter was born I’ve decided to start my own independent business and work from home. At first, I worked in the same room with my husband, but once the business started growing and I needed help, we decided to do some renovations and build my own tiny studio. The business grew a bit more, boxes and other work material started invading other parts of the house so we moved to a bigger apartment. Today, in my new studio, I have enough space to draw, photograph my work and of course a table for assembling the embroidery kits and give maximum attention to every order I receive.
A Sneak Peak into an Embroidery Artist's Studio
What’s inspiring you right now?
My inspiration comes from day-to-day experiences. As my daughters grew up, so did my style of illustration which has matured. I think that today part of my inspiration comes from taking care of the beautiful houseplants we have in our home.
A Sneak Peak into an Embroidery Artist's Studio
What are your tips for readers who may be newer to embroidery?
My embroidery workshops are attended by women of all ages, from 8 years old to 80. A beginner might know very little about embroidery or might be familiar with the very basics of the craft but then suddenly sees a design she likes and has an overwhelming desire to try it, regardless of its level. With determination, patience, and practice I see beginners that manage to tackle even advanced projects.
Thanks so much to Tamar for sharing a sneak peek into her studio! Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her latest creative projects.

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