St Patrick’s Day Fingerprint Pins

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re spending the day at home with your family and looking for a quick craft to celebrate, these fingerprint art pins are just the thing! If you don’t have a lot of green in your wardrobe, they’re just what you need to avoid any pinches during the day. Or if you do have an entirely green outfit already planned, these pins make excellent accessories.

We used a green ink pad to make these lucky four-leafed clovers, but if you don’t have one at home, you could definitely use green paint instead! Kids will love helping out and getting their hands dirty. You could even make a few extras to turn into a DIY garland to decorate your house! Keep reading for all our tips and tricks below.

what you need:

  • Green paper (pale or medium shades work best)
  • Green ink pad
  • Scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Hot glue gun


Step 1
Press your finger or thumb onto the green stamp pad, making sure to get an even coat all across it. Do a test stamp on a scrap piece of paper first if you like and experiment with how much ink you need, how much pressure to apply when stamping, etc. When you’re happy with the technique and have the hang of it, do the real thing on your green paper. To make the four-leafed clover, stamp your fingerprint four times so that they meet in the middle. Depending on your ink pad, you’ll probably want to reapply ink in between each stamp.

Step 2
Repeat this stamping process a handful of time across the green paper. Make sure to leave a few inches between each clover so that you have room to cut them out nicely.

Step 3
Use scissors to cut simple banner shapes around each clover.

Step 4
Apply a small line of hot glue along the top back of each clover. Press the safety pin into the glue and allow to dry. You can also use white glue or tape to secure the safety pins if you prefer.

Step 5
Your pins are ready to wear! Pin a whole bunch of them onto one sweater or share them with your family.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!