Playing With Imagination

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A few days ago, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop by Segni Mossi, Laboratorio di danza-disegno per bambini with my son, where they boost kids’ creativity and development through dance, play, and art (don’t miss their videos on his Facebook page).

There’s no doubt that trying different disciplines, materials, and techniques is a great way to learn. Letting children create their own artwork and games, inviting them to invent a story… it’s a great way to wake up their curiosity and imagination. We can also do it as a family using different games and toys.

I have recently discovered some art games, playthings and activities created by Emilia-Romagna–based brand “Italiantoy” which are perfect for experimenting, making, unmaking, thinking, planning, starting over … Cultivate the artistic side of your child with them!

Here are just a few of my favorites—enjoy!

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Sonia Di
Playing with three dimensions

Be an architect! Build houses for dolls and puppets but also cities or small villages with this doll- house inspired by the work of Sonia Delaunay.

The basis of the set includes nine colored walls in different shapes, nine transparent walls with printed furniture images and seven white bases, embossed with the texture of traditional Italian flooring. Kids’ imaginations will do the rest.

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Okkio Pin
A play of drawings, shadows, and stories

Who doesn’t know the story of Pinocchio? The Italian illustrator Alessandro Sanna redesigned it for Italiantoy to play with shadows, to reinvent the story, to meet the lesser-known characters, and to produce your own images. Perfect for the little ones of your house!

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Baron of Münchhausen
Creating stories

This game, inspired by the “Plus and minus” by Bruno Munari, is designed for creating stories and fantasy worlds.

The famous Baron of Münchhausen became popular for his incredible adventure tales: amongst them, the story of a trip to the moon. What story will your child invent? What adventure awaits the Baron?

You can also download an app to make the soundtrack of your story.

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Luigi Ghi
Learning to look

Maybe it seems easy to make a good photograph, but you have to learn to look and see the picture. With this game, inspired by the Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri, your child can learn to observe, to select images, and also to draw with a grid.

Amazing collection of games, isn’t it? Visit the Italiantoy website for more@!

Pictured at the top of the post: Paolo Pi. It contains 25 wooden cubes engraved on six faces with different emotions. Children can reassemble the cubes as a puzzle and try out the technique of woodcut (xylography).