Teach Kids Patience with Belly Breaths

Welcome back, or as Mrs. Raccoon might say: hello furry and furless friends! We’re back with one last video from our friends at The Jim Henson Company and today we’re learning all about deep breathing and belly breaths.

Parents who do yoga or meditation might already be familiar with this technique! Help kids practice being more patient with a few belly breaths to calm them down first. Begin by placing both hands on your belly and take a breath in for three seconds, imagining that there’s a balloon in your belly that you’re blowing up. Then, release the breath for three seconds, deflating that balloon. After a few of these, kids will feel more peaceful, ready to be patient, and able to deal with big feelings. Watch the whole video with Mrs. Raccoon and Chester below for even more fun!

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Teach Kids Patience with Belly Breaths

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And here’s a few more tips and belly breaths from Sleepy Planet Parenting:

BELLY BREATHS:   Kids can learn how to regulate big feelings like anxiety by learning how to take deep breaths. When we take a deep breath, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system, signaling a sense of safety.  During a calm moment, parents can teach kids how to do balloon belly breaths:
a.     Put one hand on your tummy and one hand over your heart.
b.    Imagine that there is a balloon inside of your belly that you are going to fill with air.
c.     Inhale deeply, filling the imaginary balloon in your belly with air. (Parent can count to 3 to help child slow down their breathing)
d.    Now exhale, letting all the air out of the balloon. (Parent can count backward from 3)
Practice breathing this way together often; this way, in the moment that you are separating from your child, the belly breaths will already be familiar. If they become upset, after you’ve taken the time to listen to and validate their feelings, you can invite your child to take some balloon belly breaths together.

Thanks so much for joining us! We hope that Mrs. Raccoon and Chester have given you and your little ones some ideas that help with your back-to-school routine this September.

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