The Artful Year: A Handmade Review

The Artful Year by Jean Van't Hul
A week or so ago I received the loveliest surprise in my mailbox – a copy of Jean Van’t Hul’s new book The Artful Year! For a good hour I flipped through page after page of DIY decorations, drool-worthy recipes, and delightful images of the most amazing original activities you have ever laid eyes on. And if I’m going to be honest, it was probably more like two or three hours — I was captivated! All of Jean’s ideas utilize the textures, colors, and themes of the four seasons and bind them together into an entire year of page-flipping family fun.

The Artful Year by Jean Van't Hul
This year I promised my daughter that we would have her Fried Noodle Crafting Club’s first annual First Day of Spring party in our backyard (maypole and all!). With the Vernal Equinox just on the other side of March, I’ve got some serious planning ahead of me! I already know that The Artful Year is going to be my best friend on this one. It has filled my noggin with so many simple, out-of-the-box ideas, that planning the perfect spring soiree is going to be an absolute breeze.

I can see it now: melted bead suncatchers dangling from the trees, beanpole teepees sprinkled across the lawn, paths of concrete stepping stones leading to rows and rows of picnic tables dressed with pinwheels and grape sculptures, where girls in flower necklaces sit eating fruit sparklers and sipping on fresh-squeezed lemonade. And we will of course write the ever-important post-party thank you notes on DIY botanical stationary!

(Wakes up from daydream sequence).

The Artful Year by Jean Van't Hul

As a mother and a crafter, there are few things more important to me than my children’s confidence, creativity, and confidence in their creativity. Each and every project in The Artful Year is simple and inspiring enough for the entire family, helping kids to feel encouraged and celebrating their individual skill sets through craft.

There are ideas for when kids are busting at the seams with energy and also for when it’s time for things to start winding down. She shares paint recipes and ways to make your own art supplies – letting you get crafty before you even get crafty! – and also ways to repurpose your art after all is said and done. There is literally not one minute of the day, season of the year, or special occasion that The Artful Year doesn’t have the picture perfect project for!

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