Then & Now

This post is sponsored by the Center for Parent and Teen Communication.

Crayons, dolls, blocks, and art supplies would be scattered everywhere. We’d spend hours and hours together painting, crafting, and getting creative together. We learned, explored, and discovered new skills, materials, and lessons together and you were always eager to keep going and do more, more, more. You watched, learned, and of course get creative yourself. In between masterpieces, we’d nap, snack, and play, always looking forward to our next creative adventure.

Clothes, homework, keys, and books have now taken over your space. So focused on succeeding in each of your classes, your days are now spent reading, writing, and completing your assignments with great care. Older now, you look after your younger siblings and act as a role model for them and as you’ve grown, you’ve taken on more responsibilities and opinions. We still love to get creative together but it happens more infrequently than when you were younger. Things may be changing but I’m as proud of you as ever.

This video from the Center for Parent & Teen Communication really hits the nail on the head, as does this new article from Dr. Ginsburg. The article is all about unconditional love and using memories of when your child was younger to help your parenting now that they’re a teen. Take a look through the CPTC website for even more advice and helpful tips on communication strategies.