Two-in-One Dollhouse Chair

Two-in-One Dollhouse Chair Design

Tokyo-based design agency Torafu Architects is blowing our creative-loving-craniums with its multi-use dollhouse chair. They’ve taken their expertise in product design, ignited it with childlike wonder, and created a piece of furniture that manages to be both fun and functional for the entire family. With its clean lines and color block design, the chair alone is an eye-catching conversation starter. What will really get people talking, however, is what hides inside!

Two-in-One Dollhouse Chair Design Two-in-One Dollhouse Chair Design

The chair opens up to reveal an entire world of secret surprises. Inside storage can be used to stow toys, books, knick-knacks, paddywhacks, art supplies and school work — anything kids want to fill it with and everything you want to keep tucked away and out of sight.

Two-in-One Dollhouse Chair DesignTwo-in-One Dollhouse Chair Design

Use it as a mini bookshelf, multi-room dollhouse, or just a place display favorite trinkets and toys. Close it back up and once again, you’re sitting pretty :)

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