8 Love-Struck Recipes for Valentine’s Day

DIY Conversation Heart Cakes

The holidays may be over, but the season of celebration continues to roll on in our home. Two of my children have birthdays in February, as well as my mother-in-law and both of my sisters-in-law. My nephew’s birthday lands squarely in the heart of Valentine’s Day (and trust me, he is a sweetheart).

Balsam Hill is best known for their lovely Christmas trees, but there are plenty of reasons to keep them in mind post-holiday season as well, which we’ll be sharing with you soon. In the meantime, here’s a collection of Valentine’s Day recipes to help you prepare for the big day from the Balsam Hill Pinterest board—be sure to follow for more inspired celebrations!

Strawberry Confetti Cake

Strawberry Confetti Cake
via Style Sweetica

Strawberry and vanilla sprinkle layer cakes, strawberry cream filling, confetti buttercream frosting… What’s not to love about this classic yet whimsical cake?

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Multicolored Frosting

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Multicolored Frosting
via Martha Stewart Living

The sum of this multicolor heart is greater than its parts: tiny but lovely buttercream chocolate cupcakes. How sweet is that?

DIY Conversation Heart Cakes

DIY Conversation Heart Cakes
via Studio DIY (also pictured at top of post)

These little cakes pack a pack a sweeter punch than the tiny hearts you’re used to getting on Valentine’s Day. A perfect way to express your personal words of love!

DIY Conversation Heart Donuts

Conversation Heart Donuts
via Studio DIY

Similar to the little candy heart cakes we mentioned above, these donuts are simply too cute not to be included in the list. A scrumptious sweet you can make for everyone in your child’s class!

DIY Cupid Crispies for Valentine's Day

Cupid Crispies
via BasicGrey Altered

Every kid—and adult, for that matter—loves Rice Krispies. These little treats are sure to be a big hit with anyone lucky enough to receive one on Valentine’s Day!

Ruby Red Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

Ruby Red Strawberry Shortcake
via Now I’m A Cook

This ruby red dream puts all other shortcakes to shame. Lovely!

Pink Heart Mouse Valentine’s Day Cake

Pink Heart Mouse Valentine’s Day Cake
find the tutorial here

We may be partial to everything Lyndsay Sung bakes, but it’s hard to deny the cuteness of this mousy little cake. A cutie for your cutie!

Old Fashioned Cream Mint Heart Candies Recipe

Old Fashioned Cream Mint Heart Candies
via Busy Mommy

Here’s the perfect recipe for those of you who obsess over even the smallest details. In this case, we’d have to say it’s time well spent :)


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  • Yummm, they all look so delicious! I wish I had time to try them all out!

    – Taryn Elise xx

  • Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for stopping In! Collaborating with Balsam Hill has been a lot of fun! A brand that is devoted to celebrations? Whats not to love! I’m a a dessert lover and the cupid crispies defiantly won my heart!



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