Vintage Swiss Pull Toys by Antonio Vitali

vintage vitali wooden toy vintage vitali wooden toys

Good educational toys stimulate the child towards creative play. In play, the child immerses itself in a dream-world created by its own fantasy. In play, the child makes its experiences and stimulates it thoughts, desires, delights, and dislikes. There are two types of thinking: the creative imaginary and the observing logical. Both are stimulated in child’s play. Good toys have to contain the possibility for the child to develop emotionally and intellectually. ~Antonio Vitali

Quintessentia has a wonderful collection of vintage toys by Swiss toy designer Antonio Vitali. His carved wooden toys often only suggested shapes and left the exact defining up to the children. Achieving international fame after partnering with Creative Playthings in 1954, adults often found his toys not realistic enough while children were fascinated by them–his abstract figures challenged children’s imagination.