Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses

Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses

I recently read an article about a forest in England that has a serious fairy door problem. They keep popping up everywhere! Sometimes up to 20 doors on a single tree. I couldn’t help but think to myself, this has to be the most magical problem ever! With all that goes on in the world, this could be the best problem I’ve ever heard of.

I don’t mean to minimize the plight of the forrest keepers. I’m sure monitoring fairy activity takes up a good amount of time, especially with them being all tricky and elusive. Plus, I have no idea what proper fairy occupancy on a single tree would even be. I thought I’d lend a hand and possibly offer these fairies a sweeter place to roam. A little wafer cookie fairy house to call their own.

Wafer Cookie Fairy House Ingredients

What You Need

  • Neapolitan wafer cookies
  • Airheads
  • Jelly Beans
  • Confetti sprinkles
  • Flower shaped sprinkles
  • Nerds
  • Mini Jawbreakers
  • Small knife
  • Extra frosting, royal icing, or candy melts (to use as “glue”)


How to Make Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses
Step 1
Cut one of your wafer cookies in half on a diagonal.

How to Make Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses
Step 2
Trim the other side of the cookie to match, creating the peak of your fairy house roof. Use the lines on the cookie as your guide.

How to Make Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses
Step 3
Flip the other side of the cookie around and line the bottom up with the base of the roof. Trim the bottom flat. This will become your side walls.
How to Make Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses
Step 4
Stand your wafer cookie pieces up and cut them down the middle, leaving two peaked walls and two side walls.

How to Make Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses
Step 5
Assemble your fairy house using a little of the cookie frosting as “glue”.

How to Make Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses

You could also use royal icing or candy melts, really anything sticky and sweet!

How to Make Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses
Step 6
Cut small pieces of an Airhead to create a roof for your teeny little wafer cookie house. Pinch the pieces together at the peak, so that your roof doesn’t slide.

Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses
Step 7
Now it’s time to decorate! Cut a jelly bean to use as a door, add some confetti sprinkle windows, a cobblestone Nerd path, or even a Jawbreaker gazing ball in the front yard.

Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses

Add whatever you think would make your fairies feel most at home!

Wafer Cookie Fairy Houses

When fairies start knocking at your door – don’t say we didn’t tell you so!

Happy Spring!

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  • I’ve made little magical houses out of bits of cardboard and matchboxes, but wafer cookies?! Love this idea! I think if I made this for my nieces they would explode from happiness. :) Thank you so much–definitely sharing this!

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