Weekend Faves: Cool Ideas for Kid’s Rooms

DIY Lamp Chair for A Kid's Room

Here’s a super fun DIY lamp chair tutorial for kids from 101woonideeen.nl that you can build in a couple of hours using using an IVAR chair from IKEA. I love the colorful built-in corner bed.

DIY House-In-The-Middle-Of-Our-House for a kid's room

How cool is this “House In The Middle of Our House” from Dos Family? A simple & perfect way to add a hotspot for imaginative play to your child’s bedroom.

Cool Platform Bed in Kid's Room with Built-In Storage Underneath

This fabulous built-in platform bed in a kid’s room via Fabienne Delafraye features a handy built-in desk and storage modules from IKEA underneath to free up more space for play.

Great Layout in a Shared Kid's Room

Here’s a great layout to make the most of limited space in a shared kid’s room from a city cottage in Helsinki. The rope ladder is a perfect way to provide loft access without taking up valuable permanent space in the room. (via scandinavian deko)

Super fun bed in a kid's room

Any kid would totally love to have a fun-filled bed like this one by Morgenstern and Hertling in their room. (via rafa kids)

A simple & perfect bed for a kid's room

I’m totally in love with this minimal child’s bed. It reminds me of the cool built-in beds you find in the staterooms of vintage ships. There isn’t a tutorial for building your own, but this would be pretty easy to replicate. (via escarabajos, bichos y mariposas)


  • I love the cute fort in the middle of the house. Those cardboard shingles are the perfect touch. Love this inspiration. xx. Lou.

  • The lamp chair caught my eye and I had to read more. I think I need a couple of them. So great. Why aren’t we making these fun spaces for adults!? I guess I’m just a big kid!!!!

  • Oh my God! my son’s bedroom in Handmade Charlotte!!!!! isnt this a great way to start the week?? thank you sooooooo much, I am so ooo honoured. Best wishes from Spain.

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